MD LASH FACTOR Eyelash Conditioner

What is MD Lash Factor?

     MD Lash Factor is a physician formulated eyelash conditioner that helps to promote the appearance of longer, thicker, and fuller looking eyelashes in 4 to 5 weeks.

How do I use MD Lash Factor?

     At night after cleansing, apply a thin line of MD Lash Factor to your upper lash line once a day, as though you were applying liquid eyeliner. Do not apply MD Lash Factor to your actual eyelashes and only use a small amount when applying the product.

Can I apply MD Lash Factor more than once a day?

     For optimal results you need only apply a very small amount to your upper lash line once a day.

Am I still able to use my regular skincare line while using your products?

     Yes! MD Lash Factor makes a wonderful addition to your skincare routine.

Can I use MD Lash Factor on my eyebrows?

     Yes! MD Lash Factor is safe to use on your eyebrows to help your over-plucked eyebrows look denser, thicker, and darker.

Can I use MD Lash Factor if I have had permanent make up done?

     Yes! MD Lash Factor is safe to use on permanent make up and will not cause any discoloration or fading.

Has any safety studies been done on MD Lash Factor?

      Yes! In an independent clinical study by a board certified ophthalmologist, MD Lash Factor showed no affect on visual acuity, cornea, eyelid, and conjunctiva. There were no changes in color or deposits on the contact lenses

Have any allergic reactions or allergies been reported from the use of MD Lash Factor?

     As with any cosmetic preparation, there are some individuals that may be allergic to one or more components of the product. If you know or suspect that you might be allergic to any of the ingredients used in MD Lash Factor, we recommend that you do not use the product. Some users have reported a mild irritation at the base of their upper lashes while using the product. If this occurs, you can either temporarily withhold using the product for a few days and then continue use, or stop using the product if severe irritation occurs. Most of our users report no irritation or minimal irritation after a few weeks of use.

Once I have the results I am looking for, do I have to keep using MD Lash Factor every night?

      No. Once you have your desired look you can go ahead and use MD Lash Factor 2 to 3 times a week to maintain your current look. If you do decide to stop using MD Lash Factor, your lashes will go back to their original length.

Who should not use MD Lash Factor?

- We do not recommend using MD Lash Factor if you are currently using eye medication, have had eye surgery in the last 6 months or have an eye infection

MD NUTRI HAIR Supplement for Thinning Hair

Does MD Nutri Hair work for both male and female hair loss?

     Yes. MD Nutri Hair was formulated for both men and woman facing hair loss and thinning hair

Does MD Nutri Hair contain prescription medication or drugs?

     No, MD Nutri Hair uses natural plant stem cell derived ingredient and does not contain drugs such as Minoxidil or Finasteride

What types of female hair loss can MD Nutri Hair help?

     MD Nutri Hair is designed to address female hair loss from genetic stress, menopause, childbirth, diet and overworked hair

What type of male hair loss does MD Nutri Hair work for?

     MD Nutri Hair address male pattern hair loss due to genetic, hormonal, stress and aging. 

Does MD Nutri Hair work fast?

    MD Nutri Hair works quickly.  For those with greasy scalp or skin, you will notice less oil product as quickly as 2 days. This means less shampoo required and less acne. 

Does MD Nutri Hair block DHT?

     Yes, MD Nutri Hair blocks DHT, hormone that causes miniaturization of hair follicles and hairloss.  It is also the cause of acne. 

Can I use MD Nutri Hair with my current shampoo or hair regeneration products?

     Yes, MD Nutri Hair works quickly by addressing the hormonal and genetic causes of hair loss.  You may continue using your hair laser, shampoo or conditioners or topical regimens.  However if you are on DHT blockers, you may discontinue to save time and money.  For best result, consider addition Follicle Energizer and MD Revitalizing Hair Treatment and Conditioners for Thinning Hair. 

What is the science behind MD Nutri Hair?

     By using the latest plant stem cell technology to address aging and hormonal causes of hair loss, MD Nutri Hair counters hair loss for both men and women.  Active intredient also counters auto immune attacks to our hair follicle due to extreme physicial or psychological stress.  All to work together with hair's natural growth cycle top optimize hair growth.

How soon will I notice less hair shedding when on MD Nutri Hair?

     Most notice less hairloss 2-3 weeks.  With persitent use, you will see best result in about 6-12 months depending on degree of hairloss. 

Why does MD Nutri Hair also work on my cystic acne?

     MD Nutri Hair is a potent natural DHT blocker.  By doing so, you will notice less oily skin and significant decrease in acne in few days!

Who should not take MD Nutri Hair?

    Due to lack of clinical studies in pregnant and breastfeeding women, we do not recommend MD Nutri Hair is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding woman.  Collagen contained in MD Nutri Hair is derived from wild Norwegian White fish.  Please do not take if you are allergic to fish or any of the ingredients. 


How does MD Scalp Essentials work?

     MD Scalp Essentials immediately relieves and calms itching scalp. It refreshes greasy and oily scalp to unclog clogged hair follicles to promote a more youthful looking scalp for fuller and thicker looking hair.

Should I continue to use MD Scalp Essentials once my symptoms are resolved?

     Yes. Apply once per week to keep your scalp feeling healthy and fresh.

What are the active ingredients in MD Scalp Essentials?

     Lilac extract derived from plant stem cell technology to instantly sooth and the itch.  It will also block DHT and stop excess oil production andn sheeding. Anti-aging ingredients to nourish your scalp to optimize hair growth cycle. Mandelic acid to  decongests hair follicles for healthy scalp and healthy hair.  Caffeine extract with proven clinical result to stimulate hair growth. 

How long does a bottle of MD Scalp Essential lasts?

     Use daily, you should get about 3 months usage per bottle. 

How do I use MD Scalp Essentials?

     Massage 1 dropper full daily onto clean scalp. Repeat until symptoms improve. Apply weekly to maintain results.

What can I use MD Scalp Essentials for?

     May be used for scalp irritation, dandruff, excess oil production and thinning hair  You can also use it as a dry wash to save time from shampoo. 

Can I use MD Scalp Essentials with my other hair regeneration products?

    Yes. MD Scalp Essentials may be used in conjunction with other regeneration products.  Use on scalp after shampoo/conditioner.  Followed by Follicle Energizer.

Who should not use MD Scalp Essentials?

     MD Scalp Essentials is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding.  Avoid if you are allergic to almonds. 


What is MD Intimate Restore?

     MD Intimate Restore is a revolutionary anti-aging serum for feminine rejuvenation to restore comfort, moisture and sensitivity. 

How do I use MD Intimate Restore?

     Apply one pump of the clear light weight serum to outer labia majora, minora and clitoris region.  Use once per day. 

How soon will I notice difference?

     Depending on your age and degree of dryness, will take 1-3 weeks. 

Will I see faster result if I use it twice per day?

     Yes.  However once is often sufficient. 

I just had a baby, how long do I have to wait before starting MD Intimate Restore?

     If you had a C-Section, you can start right away.  If you had a vaginal delivery, wait until your gynecologist has cleared you to resume sexual intercourse.

How long would a tube of MD Intimate Restore Last?

    Using one pump once per day, you will get 2 months usage from one tue of MD Intimate Restore. 

Can I use MD Intimate Restore if I am postmenapausal?

     Yes, MD Intimate Restore was formualted by a board certified female gynecologist to help restore normal moisture, skin thickness and sensitivity for feminine area.  You can use it with or without hormone replacement therpay. 

Does MD Intimate Restore work for men too?

     We have anecdotal reports and feedback  that it helps with male sensitivity. No clinical study data.  

Can I use MD Intiamte Restore if I have chronic irritatation or itch?

     We recommend seeing your health care provider to rule out other treatable causes such as infection or cancer.  Once cleared then ok to use MD Intimate Restore.  With regular usage, your skin should become thicker and more comfortable. 

Do I need to rinse off MD Intimate Restore?

     No, this light weight fast absorbing serum does not need to be rinsed off. 

Can I use it as a lubricant?

    MD Intimate Restore is not a lubricant.  It is designed so that with regular usage, your body will produce its natural lubricant. 

How does MD Intimate Restore improve my sensitivity?

     There are nerve endings on a women's outer genitalia.  With aging, stress and hormonal changes, the nerve endings become less sensitive.  Anti-aging peptides in MD Intimate Restore will help restore the nerve endings and sensitivity. 

Can I use MD Intimate Restore with my hormone replacement therpy?

     Yes, you can with or without HRT. 

I have overly sensitive skin.  Can I use MD Intimate Restore?

    MD Intimate Restore is formulated without hormone, drug, petroleum, fragrance and color.  It is designed to restore natural skin barrier for a normal skin homeostasis. 

MD ADRENAL PRO Anti-stress Capsules

How quickly does MD Adrenal Pro work?

     Most notice in 1-2 days.  You will notice less unpleasant response to stress.

Will I feel sedated or stimulated?

     No. MD Adrenal Pro has natural Ayurvedic herbs to achieve natural homeostasis so your body can deal with stress.  It is not a stimulant or an tranquilizer. 

How does Adrenal Pro curb my stress eating?

     By minimizing excess cortisol secretion due to stress, you should experience less stress related eating and belly fat.  

Can I take Adnreal Pro if I have high blood pressure?

     Yes.  If your elevated blood pressure is due to stress, you man notice improvement in control of your blood pressure.  Please do not stop your blood pressure medication without supervision from your physician. 

How many Adrenal Pro should I take?

     One capsule per day for normal every day stress.  For extra stress, take two per day. 

Does it matter if I take it at day or night?

     You can take it either day or night.  With or without food. 

What are adaptogens?

     Adaptogens are compountds that help to protect part of your DNA called telomeres.  This is important as telomeres are a reflection of our biological age.  Longer the gelomeres, the younger our biological age. Adrenal Pro help protect telomeres against stress. 

Will Adrenal Pro help me sleep better?

     Stress can cause paradoxical rise of cortisol at night leading to poor sleep.  By decreasing the cortisol level in the evening, Adrenal Pro can help address anxiety and improve sleep if cause of insomnia is excess cortisol. 

How does Adrenal Pro help me to shed belly weight and fat?

     By curbing stress eating. 

I feel burned out and tired.  Can Adrenal Pro help?

     If you experience adrenal fatigue, Adrenal Pro can help.  Depending on degree of adrenal fatigue will determine amount of time needed until you feel better. Please see your physician to rule out other causes such as anemia, hypothyroid, depression, etc. 


I have embarassing odor in my private area.  Will Intimate Fresh Work?

     Many experience odor in private area due to moisture and skin fold.  Apply a dab of Intimate Fresh daily to help deodorize your feminine area and restore confidence. 

Does Intimate Restore work for men and women?

     Yes.  Both men and women have odor causing bacteria that thrive in moist

skin fold. 

How much do I use?

     Small dime size is enough.  The tube should last you 4-6 months. 

How does Intimate Fresh Work?

     Natural silver colloid to reduce odor causing bacteria. 

Can I reapply?

     Yes, you can use once in the morning and reapply at night. 

Can I use Intimate Fresh to reduce odor from sweat?


Does it work for odor due to menses?

    Yes.  We want you to feel clean and confident. 

What about other odor causing kin folds such as arm pit and breasts?


I heard natural silver can reduce bacteria and virus.  Can I use it on my acne?


I am getting skin irritation from constantly wearing masks. Can I use MD Intimate Fresh?

     Yes, it will help keep skin area under mask clean.