There is nothing like working out barefoot with the sand squishing up between your toes. Wet or dry, sand on a beach gives your workouts more intensity as it makes exercising harder than on a hard dry surface. And most beach workouts don’t require much equipment, if any at all. To get the most from your beach workout, try these exercises:

Perhaps the best beach exercise of all time, beach running burns up to 30 per cent more calories than running on a hard flat surface. But don’t expect to run as fast - make it more of a jog on the beach. Running in sand increases the resistance it takes to move forward, plus if you are running on wet sand, you may be also fighting the resistance of water which further increases the number of calories you burn. And the wind; usually if you are running ocean-side, there can be a constant wind further adding to the resistance.

If running is not your game, try walking on the beach. By sinking in the sand with every step, it requires 2.1 to 2.7 times more energy than walking on a hard surface. Plus, if you walk barefoot, your foot muscles and tendons get a greater workout thus making them stronger.

There is something special about doing aerobics on the beach. It is so much more invigorating than doing the same workout in a gym. The sand, the wind, the sun, the water, the movement, all come together to not only help develop your body physically, but also mentally. You’ll have a much better outlook on life after a beach aerobics workout.

Other Health Benefits
All of the above workouts also have some additional health benefits. Being all are done out in the sun, your body soaks up the much-needed Vitamin D, something many of us are deficient in getting enough of.

Whether you run wearing shoes or barefoot, the sand acts as a cushion making it easier on your joints and muscles than the pounding they take when running on hard surfaces. It is even better for you than running on a treadmill with a cushioned platform.

What can be more relaxing than spending some time working out on a beach? Not only is it an exercise for your muscles, but a workout for your eyes, nose and mind. Feast your eyes on the aquamarine water, smell the salty air, let your mind connect with Nature and all that she has brought forth for you to enjoy. After your workout, don’t forget to just sit awhile and take it all in.