Exercise not only burns fat and promotes a healthy heart, but it also makes you more confident. Self-confidence arises from the positive feelings you have about your self-beliefs. When you feel good about yourself and your actions, that positive energy makes you confident in everything that you attempt. This all begins with exercise, which sends a powerful surge of oxygen to your brain. The chemical process which begins improves your mental clarity and ability to make confident decisions. The following 5 ways that exercise makes you more confident are just a few of the many self-esteem benefits you receive when you enjoy moderate to intense physical activity.

1. You become more relaxed in social settings: Confidence is most apparent when you are socializing. Whether your exercising includes joining a gym, walking around your neighborhood or signing up for a spin cycling class, working out usually involves socialization. The more relaxed you become in these social settings, the more confident you are about your behaviour and your ability to communicate your beliefs.

2. Your self-image improves: Your main goal for exercising should be improved overall body health. But there is nothing wrong at all with feeling great about the new body you have created due to all of your hard work. As you see yourself burning fat, Weight Loss and becoming trim, slim and sexy, your self-confidence skyrockets. This new physical self-image therefore contributes to a healthy and positive feeling about your character and personality as well.

3. You appreciate your achievements: Whether you are just starting out exercising or happen to be a world-class athlete, you feel great when you hit any physical fitness goals that you have set. Human beings are programmed to positively congratulate themselves when they reach particular achievements. Exercise is all about setting, achieving and then resetting physical goals. And each time you pass a self-imposed exercise threshold or measurement, your confidence soars.

4. Your physical fitness improves: Think back to the last time you were really unhealthy or sick. You did not feel too good about yourself, did you? Of course not. That is because human beings are hardwired to feel better when they are healthier. Your pain and negative feelings when you are out of shape or sickly make you want to get healthy and in shape so you will feel better. And when you exercise and become physically fit, you subconsciously and automatically exude self-confidence and self-esteem.

5. Exercise rewards effort: Sometimes it is a little scary to attempt something you have never done before. So when you go out on a limb and try to achieve some level of exercise or physical fitness for the first time, your brain rewards you for that effort whether you are successful or not. This gives you the self-confidence to step outside of your comfort zone in other areas of your life as well. Exercise rewards effort, consistent effort leads to successful achievement, and your boosted confidence ensures that this wonderful “feel-good” cycle of achievement continues.