Are you tired of exercising, tired of watching what you eat, and tired of thinking about what's healthy all the time? Well, you're not alone. Almost everyone has felt like this at one time or another. Some people start feeling like this after restrictive dieting for a long period of time. Some people feel like this after their exercise routine has become stale and boring, or it's something that they just hate doing. You may even be questioning whether fitness and healthy diet can really extend lifespan, and if it's worth it.

Once you get to the point where you're just sick of exercise and healthy foods, you have a choice to make. You can either do what you need to do to get some variety into your life, seek out support from someone to help with motivation, and focus on your fitness goals, or you can go back to old habits and stop exercising and eating healthy foods. The first option will lead to a healthier and longer life, and the other will lead to a possibly shortened life and an increased risk of some major health problems such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

The truth is, fitness and a healthy diet don't guarantee that you'll have a longer lifespan, but they do increase the likelihood that you will live a longer, healthier life. Studies show that people who are active during leisure time instead of being sedentary can live up to four and a half years longer. If you add a regular exercise regimen and a healthy diet, you will increase your chances of a longer life even more.

Physical activity strengthens your heart and lungs, and lowers your risk of many serious health problems including heart disease and cancer. Getting even a small amount of exercise increases your chances of living a longer, healthier life. If you have a complete fitness routine, your physical activity will not only help your cardiovascular system, it will also strengthen your bones and improve your metabolism.

A healthy diet can be both preventative and healing. You cut your risks of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer by eating a healthy, well-balanced diet that's full of whole foods and low in processed foods. If you already have the signs of serious health problems, you can use diet to improve your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Eating a diet full of nutrient dense foods like vegetables, fruit, and whole grain will help you improve your overall fitness and increase your lifespan.

If you questioned whether your diet and fitness regimen was worth the work, now you know that although there are no guarantees of a longer life, your chances of a longer lifespan are greater when you commit to a healthier life that includes exercise and a healthy diet. Sticking with a healthy diet and exercise program long-term can be difficult, but it's worth it if you want to live a long and healthy life. Your quality of life will definitely be better with diet and exercise, and regular practice make you fit and stylish, in case you unable to follow these fitness practice you can take our vegan weight loss supplements which helps you a lot and you have a good chance of prolonging your life as well.