You may have heard that tea can boost your metabolism and help you burn more calories. Studies show it can – but to what extent?

In one study done by the University of Geneva, Switzerland, participants were divided into three groups: Group One took 50mg of green tea extract, Group Two took 50mg of caffeine and Group Three took a placebo. Participants were housed in a respiratory chamber where their energy expenditure and thermogenesis (production of heat in the body) was measured. Group One showed a 4% increase in thermogenesis and a 4.5% overall increase in energy expenditure over the other two groups.

So can tea really make a difference? Can a 4.5% increase in energy expenditure really make a difference in weight loss? Yes and No. Whatever we do to help speed up our metabolism, ultimately helping with weight loss, is beneficial in the long run. Added to other things we do to speed up metabolism, “yes” it can. And also “no”; it’s unrealistic to expect that drinking a cup or two of tea per day will be the answer to weight loss for an obese person. After all, 4.5% of a 1,500 calorie diet is only about 60 calories, but it can be part of a synergistic effect when added together with other metabolism-increasing efforts.

Types of tea: Other types of tea, besides green tea have also proven themselves to increase metabolism and ultimately weight loss:

Oolong – Increases fat burning by 157% in addition to increasing metabolism and blocking fat absorption.

Pu-erth – Improves digestion along with increasing metabolism.

Feiyan – Suppresses your appetite along with improving metabolism and the burning of fat.

White – Stimulates the burning of fat while stopping the generation of new fat cells.

Peppermint – Served hot or cold, it not only speeds up digestion, but helps burn more calories.

Porangaba – Boosts weight loss while suppressing your appetite and has also shown to reduce fatty deposits and cellulite.

Drinking tea is not enough. Drinking tea does help increase your metabolism, but, alone it is not enough to promote any appreciable weight loss. However, when added to a consistent exercise routine including both cardio and weight lifting along with a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats, the three-pronged approach creates a recipe for substantial weight loss.