“If you want your skin to look and feel its very best, it is truly necessary to continually evaluate your skin care regimen” says Dr. Susan Lin, Founder of MD Laser and Cosmetics Center in San Mateo, California. For over 20 years, Dr. Lin has been on a quest for the most advanced breakthroughs in the health and wellness of women, in addition to hair and skin beauty.

There are many factors that affect skin: hormone levels (time of the month), weather/season, stress and the amount of rest that we’re getting -- just to name a few. The key is to closely examine your face each morning and evening, and to respond with the right combination of skin care products.That is why it is necessary to keep a variety on hand to give your skin precisely what it needs.

Stock up on the following go-to products from MD. You will be delighted at how much better your skin can look and feel … in as little as 30 days!

During extreme conditions – the hottest days of summer and the coldest days of winter – you may find that your skin requires added moisture and protection. At times like this, you will want to drench your skin in MD Stem Cell Factor, followed by a layer of MD Vitamin C Serum. With the combination of these two products, not only will you enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge anti-aging technology, but you will see fine lines and wrinkles being diminished and experience an overall, luminous glow!

Another must-have for all ages and all skin types: the MD Mineral Sunblock with SPF 58. This lightweight, mineral-based sunscreen provides oil-free protection from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. Dr. Susan Lin recommends sunscreen every day as the best defense against harmful sun damage.

A powerful eye cream is essential for anyone who wants to create the illusion of turning back the hands of time. Dr. Lin has formulated one that her clients rave about: the MD Ultimate Eye Cream. She created this formulation with Dipeptide Diaminobutyroyl Benzylamide Diacetate, which is a synthetic peptide that tightens the skin and actually gives the appearance of an instant lift! Often this product is even referred to as a “filler in a bottle”!

One more thing to add to your non-negotiable skincare list: a moisturizing cleanser that’s loaded with natural botanical extracts. Dr. Lin offers an amazing choice with the MD Ultimate Purifying Face Wash. It’s incredibly gentle on desert dry skin, yet reaches deep to remove all traces of dirt, oil and make-up.

Stem Cell Factor 55 Stem Cell Factor 55

MD Ultimate Stem Cell Factor 55 is a youth-activating elixir that encourages skin’s natural genetic potential to regenerate. Made up of 55% active stem cell factors, this breakthrough serum delivers fast results to lift, firm and illuminate. As the stem cell factors encourage skin cell regeneration, skin becomes breathtakingly radiant and even. Noticeable firmness will be restored as skin texture becomes smoother and fine lines and wrinkles are diminished. MD Ultimate Stem Cell Factor 55 is a must for anyone who is serious about anti-aging. See visibly younger skin in just a few days.

MD Mineral Sunblock MD Mineral Sunblock with SPF 58

Protect your skin from aging sun damage with MD Mineral Block SPF 58. This lightweight, mineral-based sunscreen provides oil-freeprotection from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Eye Cream Eye Cream

MD Ultimate Eye Cream is designed to protect the super-sensitive skin around the eyes, which can be easily damaged.

MD Cream Wash MD Ultimate Purifying Cream Wash

This incredibly gentle cleanser provides deep cleansing plus the benefits of natural botanical extracts including aloe vera, cucumber, chamomile, kelp, yarrow, orange peel, and rose extracts. Because this cleanser is concentrated, only a dime-sized amount is required. Recommended for normal to dry skin types.