The average American office worker is packing on almost seven pounds a year, according to recent studies.

One from Cornell University shows the handy bite-size treats found on office desks are a big contributor. Eating two pieces of candies every day adds about 480 calories over a workweek. research says that office treats expand our waistline.

To burn that off, a 160-pound person would have to walk for 157 minutes (2 mph), ballroom dance for 132 minutes, play golf carrying clubs for 88 minutes or backpack for 56 minutes.

Cornell professor Brian Wansink, the author of Mindless Eating, says it's ridiculous what the candy jar does. The temptations don't stop at the candy jar. Add to that the high-fat foods at pot-luck lunches, birthday cakes, and the donuts offered at meetings. Still, the ubiquitous temptation is the candy jar. When you walk by one, you have to ask yourself again whether you want a piece.

 Here are some risk of eating too much candy:

At the office of CBS News, they did an experiment to see how popular the candy bowl was. There was a piece taken within the first minute, and several followed shortly after. People grabbed the candies without thinking about it. But when it was moved several feet away to the top of a file cabinet, people were much less likely to take a piece.

Weight Watchers recommends that you keep fruit, mints, chewing gum and healthy snacks in a drawer so you don't feel you need a treat.

The candy jar may never disappear entirely. Those who approve of them say candies are comforting and it promotes camaraderie in the department. If you agree, at least pass it by more often. One piece of candy a day is better than two.