Bread can be a source of a large number of calories.

cuttingFor people wanting to lose weight, cutting out, or at least reducing the amount eaten, certainly can help. For example, if you only eat one slice per day, cutting that slice out can result in a 1-pound loss over a six-week period, if you don’t change anything else; however, if you have three or more servings per day, cutting it out can save 400 calories and result in a 3-pound loss of weight over a four-week period. So the quantity consumed makes a difference.

White bread does something else which sabotages your weight loss efforts. It breaks down quickly which can spike blood sugar. Once the spike is over, the crash begins and the craving for more food starts. So, not only can you cut out calories by cutting out white bread, but you won’t have such powerful cravings to eat (and hence not take in even more calories).

But you don’t have to give up eating bread. By switching to bread made with a whole grain, you’ll save calories also as well as staying fuller longer (because of the extra fiber). Whole grain bread may only have 80 calories per slice where white bread has 110 calories or more.



However, you can cut out bread entirely by replacing it with a lower-calorie substitute, such as fruit or vegetables. For example, instead of having two pieces of toast with scrambled eggs, have a side of cantaloupe instead and save a couple of hundred calories; for lunch, top 2 cups of salad greens with turkey or grilled chicken breast instead of making a sandwich, and save another 220 calories.; for supper, skip the dinner roll and have a ½ cup serving of broccoli and save another 55 calories. Calories saved for the day: 475. Just from these three swaps, you almost have a 500 calorie deficit for the day. Do that for 7 days and lose a pound to 1 ½ pound for that week.



Another trick is simply to reduce portion size. Instead of having a sandwich made with two slices of bread, substitute with a smaller serving, such as one slice cut in half, or a bagel or sandwich thin. By doing this, you trick your brain into thinking you are eating more than you really are.

Portion control, substitutions and using whole grain products in place of those made with white flour are all sound choices to control blood sugar, cravings, reduce calories and lose weight.