If you make a list of everything you do on a daily basis that isn’t really very healthy, you will probably find that lots are a part of going to work or school every day. Here are some ways to make your daily commute a healthier one.

Cut out the snacks: If you have quite a distance to walk, you may be tempted to snack on the. This is particularly true at the end of day after you finished working and you can’t wait to get home for dinner.

Walk further: Rather than getting off the bus at your usually stop, get off one stop further away and make a longer walk in. This might only be a hundred steps or so, but over the course of a week, you’ll burn some extra calories. You can increase this over time to two stops or three stops.

Take the stairs: When you arrive, take the stairs rather than the elevator or escalators. Using the stairs is one of the best ways to burn extra calories.

Cut out the morning coffee: It’s not so much the coffee that’s bad for you, it’s the milk and sugar. During your morning commute, try giving up the morning coffee and substitute with green tea or water.

Eat breakfast at home: Wake up early enough to eat breakfast before you leave the house. Failing to do that can mean skipping breakfast the whole day, or it could mean that you grab something unhealthy on the way because you need to eat.

Cycle to work: If possible bike and cycle to work. Some employers will even help you financially to purchase a bike. And there is the added benefit of it’s better for the environment (and your health) too.

Get off your phone: Taking the time to breathe in fresh air and not use your phone for a little while can have some great benefits for your mental health. Challenge yourself not to use your phone while going to work for an entire week.