Did you know that our body has the capacity to produce a natural Vitamin D on its own when directly exposed to sunlight?

One of the many important roles of this vitamin in our body system is to help us obtain a proper amount of calcium from the food that we eat. Having enough of it will keep the muscles strong because it normalizes bones growth and development including our teeth, as well as the improvement to fight against other conditions.

From the review of more than 50 studies shows exercise is associated with a 13 percent reduction in the risk of falling in older adults. But trials of the supplements caused a surprising result that was reduced by 17 percent. According to the task force, falls are the leading cause of death and serious injury for the elderly. So this analysis will be used to update the US Preventive Services Task Force recommendations for strategies of fall preventions.

This research included participants who took oral doses of this vitamin with or without calcium. This ranged up to 1,000 IUs per day. And when the results were combined, those who took the supplements had a reduced risk of falling compared to control groups.

Reported by Tufts University, the Institute of Medicine heightened the recommendations for Vitamin D. It says that children and adults, under age 71, would need 600 IU of vitamin D daily. While older adults may need 800 IU. Patients with osteoporosis will need the 1,000 IU supplements which are available at pharmacies.

Other Interesting benefits of Vitamin D to our body:

  • It helps both the mind and body to function well
  • This may help us reduce the weight
  • It boosts our immune system
  • This can help us prevent chronic diseases
  • Good maintenance for the health of your heart
  • It can serve as protection for gum disease
  • It may reduce the depression we feel


The exercise may help prevent these issues but a vitamin D is also important.