We look forward to holidays, but they usually mix a lot of work and preparation into our time off. Think Christmas, New Year's, and Easter. Not this time. The Labor Day Weekend is yours, a time to do whatever YOU want. You can snooze in a hammock, putter around the house and yard, see a parade, or go on a picnic (of course that takes some preparation!).

If you have kids, they might want to take advantage of the last day the city swimming pool is open. Though most schools have already started, this day gives summer its proper sendoff. And with three days to play, there's plenty of time left over for friends and maybe even a cookout.
On Labor Day, we honor the monumental contributions the workers of America have made. They are responsible for the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our nation. In the beginning, Labor Day was a day of rest for people who worked physically in factories, shops, and construction. They were honored. Now, we all take credit for making our country what it is, no matter where or how we work. We're all part of it and proud to be.
So take a break, take a trip, refresh your body and mind. Whatever you do, stay safe.