Actually the amount is miniscule, regardless of what your scale may show and here is the reason why – water retention. When on vacation, we tend to eat saltier foods. Our body wants to level out the sodium, and retains water to keep you at safe levels. Once back home and on your normal diet lower in sodium, the excess water and sodium will excrete out as urine.

Another reason, retaining water is climate change. Vacationing in a hotter place thenwe are used to, the body retains fluids (swelling in the hands and feet). Staying long enough to acclimate, the swelling will go down, but it takes at least 14 days to happen.

A third reason is eating more carbs than you are used to. Digested carbs turn a sugar (glycogen) and are stored in the muscles. There are 3 molecules of water for every molecule of glycogen, by storing more glycogen, you will retain more water.

Your scale may show a gain of 3-5 pounds after a week’s vacation, your real increase in mass is probably around 1 pound. The rest of the gain you’ll lose fast once home.

Most people don’tcontinue their exercising when on vacation, and eat more, don’t fret… When your clothes start to feel tight, it’s temporary;so have fun on vacation. As far as a decrease in your fitness level, it takes at least a month of no exercising to have an appreciable decrease.

Vacation Tips:

People may go on extreme diets before vacation. hopingto losing a few pounds, before gain a few while gone. The problem is the body interpretsfewer calories as famine, so becoming more efficient and burns less calories. Eat normally so your body is burning calories normally. Healthy eatingis to be intuitive to your body’s clues as when hungry and when full. You’ll get these same cues while on vacation. All you have to do is heed them sensibly.

Don’t deprive yourself of food you really want. If you want to have that decedent dessert, have it. Just be sure to include it in your daily maintenance calorie count. That might mean having one or two fewer drinks during the day, or maybe not eating dessert at lunch too.