Happy Independence Day!!

Many people think that Independence Day is one of our best American holidays; not only for what we celebrate but also for how we celebrate it.

It's easy to take liberty for granted and to misconstrue just how difficult it was to gain our freedoms over 240 years ago. The Revolutionary War was long and costly. There were 50,000 American casualties at a time when there were fewer than three million people were living in the former British colonies.

So while we march in parades, host barbecues, attend grand fireworks displays and head to the beach; take a few minutes to remember why we celebrate as we enjoy our freedoms.


“Patriotism can be found on every street corner if you look for any simple act of compassion one American does for another. When citizens exercise their rights as Americans and live their lives to the fullest, they honor the service and sacrifice of all veterans. Some say they have never served in the ranks. I beg to differ. There are many different trenches in life that call for acts of heroism by ordinary citizens every day.”
~ Staff sergeant Tim Chambers, U.S. Marine Corps, quoted in American Legion Magazine