Keeping fit and having fun while on vacation are both possible if you use your hotel or resort’s pool. There are so many ways to get a good workout while in the water.

One basic way is to just walk back and forth in water that is at least waist to chest high deep. Moving your body against the resistance of water will get your heart rate up and burn off calories.

Some places have a sports director that organizes water sports, such as volleyball. Get in the water and play. Jumping up and down, moving side-to-side to hit the ball is a great way to get in a great workout. Another organized water workout that kicks butt is an aqua-aerobics class.

Swimming laps back and forth several times will get your heart pumping if the pool isn’t too crowded or if the place you are staying has a lap pool. Swimming freestyle for an hour will burn between 817 and 572 calories for a 180-pound man depending on the speed of swimming. If it is too crowded, just tread water in place. Fourteen minutes still burns 200 calories.

If you can get a hold of a swim noodle from the activities center, you can expand the kind of exercises you can do in the water. For example, wrap it under your arms and around your back. Lie back a little and move your legs like you were pedaling a recumbent bike. Or put it between your legs and twist side to side. Another option is to pedal like you would a bike.

If they have a water aerobics class, they probably have foam dumbbells you can use. Holding your arms out to your sides, bring them down and touch the sides of your thighs. Or hold the dumbbells in front of you vertically and move your arms as far back as you can and then forward to the starting position. One more; hold the dumbbells horizontally in front of you and push them straight down by straightening your elbows. Three sets of 15 repetitions of each exercise will have your arms burning, if you are not used to doing it.

Exercising in water is one of the more enjoyable ways of getting in a workout. And because the water is usually cooler than the air, you don’t get hot and sweaty while working out. Because it is low-impact, it is easy on the joints compared to land-based exercising. It is a great way to work out!