fitnessRegulating the number of carbohydrates you put into your body is important for a number
of reasons.

The carb-heavy diet enjoyed by most modernized nations is one that leads to a
higher risk of a number of diseases and health conditions. When you keep your daily carb
intake at a healthy level, you enjoy any number of health benefits.
To fuel your workouts, you need a lot of protein. You don't want to ingest that protein at
the cost of too many carbohydrates, however. This is where complex carbohydrates with
dietary fiber, some healthy fat as a fuel source and protein-rich snacks with a low net carb
count come into play. Enjoy the following 5 pre-workout snacks and you will keep your
carb count down, and your healthy fitness results up.

Aim for eating your pre-workout snack 30 to 90 minutes before you exercise.

This seems to deliver the best results. You should also
consider enjoying a protein rich, low-carb snack between 30 and 90 minutes after your workout is over.
1/2 Turkey Wrap With Vegetables Choose a wrap which has a low net carb count. Stick to organic turkey whenever possible. Add
vegetables and some olive coconut oil or avocado. This delivers plenty of healthy protein, just enough carbs, fiber rich vegetables and
healthy fats for a perfect low carb, pre-workout snack. Save the second half of your turkey wrap for later in the day, or tomorrow's

Two Hard-Boiled Eggs Choose eggs with no added hormones or antibiotics. A couple of hard-boiled eggs deliver plenty of healthy
protein and a low carbohydrate count. Add a little guacamole for healthy fat.
Four to Six Ounces of Grilled Chicken Choose organic chicken breast. Sauté or stir fry in 1 tablespoon of olive or coconut oil. Dice
and eat with some asparagus.
Oatmeal Plus Protein Powder Adding a Whey Protein Powder to a cup of oatmeal makes the perfect low carb, pre-workout snack.
You get healthy dietary fiber and tons of protein. This is also a recommended snack if you have a sensitive stomach.
Salmon and Walnuts This pre-workout snack qualifies as low in carbohydrates, and extremely high in healthy fats and protein. Make
sure you limit the amount of walnuts or almonds you eat. Just 8 to 12 nuts is plenty, and complements the low carb salmon perfectly.
Take your salmon steamed or grilled, and insist upon wild caught fish instead of farm raised.