Fitness trackers can seem quite expensive at first, but when you start looking into the benefits, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment. Whether you’re only starting to exercise regularly, or you’ve been building a routine for months, there’s no right or wrong time to get a fitness tracker and start using it. You can wear it while you’re going to work, sitting at home or working out at the gym.

You will be more motivated: By wearing a tracker that is telling you how much you’re moving and how many calories you’re burning, it’s easier to get motivated to move a little bit more or get a few extra steps a day. If you haven’t moved as much, and can see that with the tracker, you’ll be more motivated throughout the day.

You can monitor how much you move: Whether you’re trying to move more, or suffer from a health condition where you shouldn’t let your heart rate get too high, fitness trackers can be very useful for keeping you safe and healthy. The tracker can monitor what level your heart rate is, and if you see that it’s getting too high, you can take steps to lower it before it gets dangerous and out of control.

You can set up personal goals: With many fitness trackers, you can set up your own personal goals and see how well you’re doing throughout the day. These could be daily goals like walking a certain number of steps, or general or weekly goals. You can also set goals related to your heart rate, so it’s not just all about how much you’re moving.

Use it to check your fitness after a few weeks: If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s great to be able to look at your movement and see how well or how badly you’ve been doing. You might notice you lose weight more at the end of the weeks where your heart rate has been higher. You might notice that you’ve lost more when your heart rate has been general lower – this could be due to factors such as stress causing your heart rate to go higher and also causing you to retain excess weight.