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How Long Does It Take for Eyelashes to Grow Back?

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Eyelashes make your eyes look beautiful and so your overall appearance. But when it comes to their care, people need to learn more.

People even do not pay much attention when their eyelashes fall out. But why so?- Because they have around (average) 100- 160 eyelashes (hair) along the upper eyelid and 70-90 along the lower eyelid. 

This number can vary from human to human, but here is an average number we are talking about. And similarly, you can notice 2-3 eyelashes (hair) fallout every day or two- which is again normal. 

But if you start noticing more than 3-5 eyelashes fall out every day or two, it can be a potential signal of an underlying problem associated with eyelashes. 

In most cases, eyelashes grow back. But for some reason, this growth rate can be slower or differ from expected. So, let’s understand “How Long Does It Take for Eyelashes to Grow Back?” and the eyelash life cycle in detail.

Eyelash Growth Cycle

 Eyelash Growth Cycle

The eyelash growth cycle depends on many factors, and so does its life span. 

The lifespan of an eyelash is very dynamic. It can vary from 4 months to 10 months. In some cases, this lifespan can last up to 11 months. In the same period, lashes pass mainly through three phases or stages of growth. Here are those three:

Stage 1

Phase one is called the Growth Phase. Some experts also call it the Anagen phase. In this phase, the eyelash grows from zero. This phase can last between 3 to 11 weeks, depending on the person and his/ her diet and health. 

In this stage or condition, you can notice eyelash growth in millimeters but in decimals. 

Stage 2

The second phase of eyelash growth serum is known as Anagen Phase. This comes once your eyelashes are grown enough or stop growing. 

In this phase, eyelash hair follicles begin to shrink. And thus, hair degradation starts. 

Stage 3

The name given to this phase is the Telogen phase, which is considered the final phase when the eyelash falls out. 

Please note the Resting phase is another name given to this stage of eyelashes!

Extra Note: People get confused between scalp hair growth cycle and lashes. Because, generally speaking, the eyelash growth cycle is much shorter than the hairs on your head. 

As per the experts, this may be because the anagen phase is more extended for scalp hair. This phase for scalp hair can last up to 3-4 years, much higher than lashes.

But what affects the lashes growth rate, and what are the causes? Let’s talk about it now.

Causes of Eyelash Hair Fall (Loss)

The prime cause of eyelash or eyebrow hair fall is madarosis. This is the condition in which you start losing eyelashes or brows or both. Here are some of the possible reasons that can cause madarosis;

Alopecia- In this condition, people lose their hair (in patches) because their immune system attacks their hair follicles. Hence, eyelash or brow falls out. You can consult with experts for its treatment.

Genetics- If your parental hierarchy shows thin hairs on brows or eyelids, you might have the same hair density/ thickness. Hence, genetics also play a crucial role when it comes to eyelashes, brows, and scalp hair.

Eyelid Inflammation- This is called Blepharitis, where eyelid inflammation can make you frequently rub your eyes, resulting in lashes fallout. 

Radiation or Therapy: Another cause that can trigger eyelash fallout is some sort of therapy or radiation. For example, certain kinds of chemotherapy can cause (temporary) hair loss for both- eyelashes and eyebrows.

Please notice this is not a permanent condition.

Telogen Effluvium: We have also talked about the same before, where stress caused by any reason triggers your hair follicles to enter the resting phase or telogen more than usual. 

This can make your hair thin or even fall out under severe stress conditions. Please remember this is an again temporary condition.

Thyroid Imbalance: When your thyroid level shifts too high or too low or shows imbalance, it can hinder various growth processes in your body, including the hair growth process and its life cycle. Hence try to keep your thyroid level balanced.

Some other reasons include physical injuries like trauma such as burns, and skin peel-off can also cause eyelashes to fall out. In addition, if you are on some medication, it can cause lashes to fall out. 

Please consult experts or your physician before taking any medication.

Final Thought

As we said, these reasons can affect your hair growth, and we hope we help you find the answer to “How Long Does It Take for Eyelashes to Grow Back?” Don’t we?

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