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Tips For Using An Eyelash Serum

Tips For Using An Eyelash Serum

Having fluttery long lashes is everyone's dream. After all, lashes enhance our faces a hundred times more. Regardless, not all of us are endowed with inherently thick and long lashes. 

But this is not a problem to fret over. With numerous natural remedies and cosmetic derivatives, one can have those natural lush, full and long eyelashes. 

The query is, why do we need longer lashes?

Apart from being a beauty trait, eyelashes have multiple purposes. 

Eyelashes are natural protectants against dirt, dust, lint, and grime. Our eyes are exceedingly sensitive and prone to irritation, redness, and swelling. Longer eyelashes would protect the eyes and prevent debris from accumulating the eyes.

Tips For Using A Eyelash Serum

  • Go over the Eyelash Serum’s Information Label or Leaflet Carefully

For getting the best eyelash growth serum effects, you should carefully read and heed the tips and directions defined in the information leaflet. 

Look at the ingredients included in the eyelash serum. You should be aware of what you're applying to your eyes. Avoid the products which comprise ingredients you're allergic to.

If you do not apply lash serums correctly, they might cause adverse impacts such as eye irritation or redness.

  • Make an everyday habit of applying an eyelash serum

You should apply lash growth serums daily to get the best results. For instance, if you miss a day, then it would be better to apply it twice the next day. Even if you are busy or have a hectic schedule, you should devote yourself to a daily routine to witness the benefits of lash serums

  • Clean your face and hands right before the eyelash serum application

Right before using your lash growth serum, rinse your hands and face. Make sure that your face and hands are completely sterile and dry and that not even a speck of dirt or makeup is on your skin. As having makeup on your face prevents the serum from reaching and strengthening your eyelashes, it is recommended that you use a good makeup remover to clear off any mascara, eyeliner, or shadow.

  • Do not rub your eyes after using a lash serum

Rubbing your eyes right after using the lash growth serum might induce eye irritation. And if you happen to stroke your eyes, you should instantly wash your eyes with water or consult your eye doctor if necessary.

  • Apply lash serum to your upper lash line only

Since you have fewer lashes on your lower lash line, the eyelash serum can readily get into your eyes and result in redness and irritation. You can attain good results by using lash serum only on your upper lash line. Once you apply the serum, keep blinking your eyes, approximately 10 times, to enable the serum to reach your lower lash line as well.

  • Wait at least 5 minutes before applying eye makeup

Give serum adequate time to be soaked into your lash line before wearing eye makeup. If you apply eyeliner, mascara, or any other eye makeup product directly after using the lash growth serum, the probability of the serum working effectively might be lessened considerably. Wait for about 5 minutes for the serum to dry before you apply makeup.

  • One dip of the lash serum is enough for both eyes

Utilizing too much serum does not ensure the additional benefits of the eyelash serums. If you apply too much serum, you might put your eyes through detrimental effects. Therefore, it is advised that you only apply one dip of the applicator for both eyes, as there is no requirement to waste an ample amount of the lash serum.

  • Do not apply poor lash serums to your eyes

Eyes and eyelashes are very susceptible to harmful toxins, so you should evade using poor lash serums available in the market. Make sure that the eyelash serum is affiliated with a well-known brand and that it does not cause difficulties.

  • Be patient to see the results of the lash serum application

You are required to be patient and wait for weeks before having natural long lashes. All you should do is apply the serum properly and regularly based on a daily routine and not expect the results in a day.

Benefits Of Using Eye serum

  • Long and fluttery eyelashes are considered attractive and aesthetically pleasing

The presence of healthy eyelashes can be an indication of overall health. Several diseases, disorders, and congenital ailments can cause eyelash loss (occasionally referred to as milphosis or madarosis)

Besides, and much more simply, fluttering eyelashes create a more visual and appealing movement around the eye with each blink and glance.

  • Longer lashes make you look young

As we age, our eyelashes tend to grow thinner and shorter. Visually, the longer your eyelashes, the younger you seem to look. 

But that’s not all. It is also found that dark and thick eyelashes amplify the white part of the eyes known as the sclera. 

The brighter it looks, the more youthful it makes you look. 

  • Long lashes are extremely catchy

Long lashes look catchier than thin eyelashes. Scientifically, eyelashes are needed to safeguard the eyes from dirt and harmful environmental pollutants in the air. 

  • They make your eyes look bigger

Whatever may be the shape or color of your eyes, long black eyelashes make them open up, and look bigger, brighter, and more intense. 

With your natural lashes, you don't need to wear fake lashes or falsies. The glue that is used to stick these false lashes contains chemicals that may be harmful and detrimental to your sensitive eyes. It may cause irritation, redness and itchiness in your eyes.

Similarly, with naturally long lashes, you don't have to undergo lash extension treatments that again use chemicals to uplift your lashes. The procedure may cause itchiness or irritation in your eyes.

Wrapping Up

The eye serum has multiple benefits for eyelashes. If you want naturally long lashes, you should get an eye serum immediately. However, you must have patience as eye serum takes time to work effectively and provide effective results. 

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