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Support Healthy: Looking Hair Inside Out With MD Hair Products

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp or adequate hair loss treatment .  MD Hair is a complete hair restoration system that is designed to work from the inside out and on your scalp to detoxify, support and soothe scalp and hair follicles. MD Nutri hair is a hair growth support supplement specially created with natural ingredients from plant stem cell technology to block DHT and anti-age hair follicles. Our cutting-edge collection of hair care products can help alter your hair in a few weeks and help you restore your confidence. In MD, you will find various best hair growth serums for women & men that you wish to have in your beauty product list. They offer you the best supplements for hair growth at affordable prices.

Dealing With Thin, Brittle, & Unhealthy Hair?

MD hair care products are formulated to address your hair problems. The hair growth supplement formulated using plant technology to support the natural growth cycle of your hair for healthy, long and dense hair. MD offers you the best shampoo for thinning hair, because of its organic ingredients it doesn’t harm you and helps to regrow new thick and healthy hair. Confused about the best hair growth product for men?  Worry not, we have covered you with that as well!!


How Can MD Hair Supplements Help You?

MD’s best shampoo for thinning hair was formulated for men and women with hair loss or irritated scalp. It is drug-free, nature inspired to work quickly for all age, gender and hair types.  Choose from a complete line of MD hair products including shampoo, conditioner, hair color restoration, scalp serum and supplements. Best shampoo for thinning hair is drug and hormone free so it can be used long-term in your daily hair care regimen.   


Combat Hair Loss - You will visibly see less hair shedding in your shower, car and around your house after using MD Nutri Hair after a few weeks.  With the regular usage of MD best supplements for hair growth & professional hair loss treatments your hair will feel stronger, fuller while your scalp feels decongested and less oily. 


Enhanced Hair Volume - With regular usage, you will have increased hair density as well as thickness of hair. Hair becomes more manageable, softer and fuller.  Your hairstylist can give you different styles as you no longer need to cover your bald spots or receding hairline. MD hair loss treatment can help you have beautiful hair everyday!


Retain Shiny Hair - If you are looking for frizz-free hair, you are at the right place!  With added length, moisture, shine and manageability, you can enjoy a head of gorgeous and healthy looking youthful hair. Let the finest hair treatment and serum from MD Hair to help you achieve your goal.


What else? Yeah, another big problem Dandruff

White flakes in our hair have a way of lowering our self-esteem.  MD Hair will rebalance your scalp oil and hormonal issue to say goodbye to dandruff and oily itchy scalp. Take good care of your hair with MD hair loss treatments and stop worrying about embarrassing dandruff.  


Why Should You Use MD Hair Products?

  • MD Hair is clinical strength and works faster than conventional hair loss products. In a matter of days you will see less oil production on your scalp as our concentrated DHT blocker addresses the key issue of genetic hair loss. After a few weeks, you can see less hair shed and faster hair growth.  MD Nutri Hair supports natural hair growth cycle.  Because it is drug free and naturally derived, it can be used long-term without concern for potential side effects found in medication minoxidil and finasteride.Nutraceutical grade ingredients without fillers, dyes or perfume
  • The earlier you start, the faster you will see results. Best to not delay until you need an expensive hair transplant. MD best supplements for hair growth gives you all the best results.
  • MD Hair care products can be alone or with hair loss treatments/transplants to help support and maintain results.
  • MD best hair loss treatments for men and women help to boost their self-confidence.
  • Our best hair growth serum for women is highly effective and recommended by dermatologists.


The best hair-care products are made of natural drug-free ingredients and do not contain parabens and sulfate. You can choose the best hair growth products for men and women from our complete line of hair products to support your natural hair restoration.


After the first shampoo with MD® revitalizing hair treatment shampoo for thinning hair, you will notice that your hair feels extremely soft and clean. This is due to not using sodium lauryl sulfate to strip away natural hair protection and addition of natural essential oil to add shine and volume. Active ingredient Stimucap has been demonstrated to decrease hair breakage while the DHT-blockers will address hormonal and genetic causes of hair loss. You will notice that your hair is stronger and your stays cleaner longer between washes. Even with daily usage, your hair remains soft, manageable and full of volume. For best result, we recommend usage with MD® Revitalizing Conditioner and MD® Hair Restoration kit. MD® shampoo is concentrated and formulated to not lather, so remember a small amount goes a long way. It is best to start using MD® Hair early before hair loss become severe.

Female hair loss is a complicated issue affected by different factors. Formulated by a gynecologist with focus in anti-aging medicine, MD® Hair is formulated to address the aging and hormonal issues common in hair loss. Start with fast acting MD® Nutri Hair supplement to quickly notice less hair shedding in 2 weeks and fuller thicker hair with continue usage. You will need more frequent visit to your beautician to color your hair roots get manicures as your hair and nails will grow faster the stronger.   For faster result, we recommend adding MD® Revitalizing shampoo & conditioner and MD® Follicle Energizer serum to reduce the bald spots and receding hairline. MD® Hair is formulated without hormones, drugs and chemicals to support natural hair growth cycle so you can regain your confidence with consistent usage.

Antioxidants, anti-androgen DHT blockers, biotin, vitamins are key ingredients to support best hair growth in men. Potent plant concentrated from lilac counter DHT much stronger than saw palmetto. Works similarly to Propecia by blocking 5 alpha reductase type I and II without potential rare possible sexual side effects.MD® Nutri Hair supplement is a simple, once per day solution to address the root of hair loss.  Stop despairing over receding hairline and bald spots and add MD® Nutri Hair to your daily regimen.  With regular usage for several months, you can look forward to looking and feeling younger with healthy hair. 

Hair care is the most critical part of self-care. You can buy excellent hair products on MD®, including scalp care, shampoos, conditioners, serums, supplements, foams that are physician formulated to target your hair and scalp issues. For fastest result, use MD® Hair Restoration Starter kit with Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner daily. Once you reach optimal hair density, maintain with MD® Nutri Hair, Follicle Energizer and Revitalizing Shampoo and conditioner. MD® hair care products are free of hormones/drugs and have a high concentration of active ingredients to deliver results.

MD® Hair is formulated to manage generalized or accelerated hair loss in men and women. MD® Follicle Energizer Serum supports accelerated hair loss, hair breakage, receding hairline and bald spots. MD® Color Restoration uses peptides to naturally restore hair color for scalp hair, beard and body hair color without dyes. MD® Scalp contains lilac to block DHT, mandelic acid to decongest hair follicles and caffeine to penetrate follicles and support healthy scalp for hair growth. We highly recommend our hero product MD® Nutri Hair to help address aging and hormonal issues of hair loss from within. All the products are formulated with nature inspired clinical strength ingredients to work either alone or synergistically together.

Common causes of hair loss are due to genetic, environmental, hormonal and stress. In addition to unisex factors, women are more prone to other causes of thinning hair, due to childbirth, menopause, auto-immune and endocrine causes. MD® Nutri Hair is formulated to combat both male and female hair loss.

No, MD® Nutri Hair uses natural plant stem cell derived ingredient and does not contain drugs such as Minoxidil or Finasteride.

MD® Nutri Hair is designed for accelerated female hair loss from stress, menopause, childbirth, diet and over processed hair.

Yes, MD® Nutri Hair uses unique anti-aging ingredient to work synergistically with your topical or nutrient supplements for your thinning hair.

Female scalp and hair have unique needs. By using the latest plant stem cell technology to anti-age female scalp, MD® Nutri Hair provides a solution for male and female hair loss.

MD® Nutri Hair is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding woman or anyone who is allergic to seafood.

Yes, with MD® Hair products you will prolong and optimize the effect of hair loss treatments.

We recommend using MD® Follicle Energizer and MD® Nutri Hair to optimize hair diameter and hair follicle. Use MD® Scalp Essential to prepare scalp for transplant and after initial transplant to keep the scalp clean and sooth swelling. With continue usage of MD® Hair regimen, you can help maintain the end results and prolong the longevity of your new hair.

In women, hair loss tends to be more diffuse-meaning you will see an all-over decrease in volume, thickness and fullness, as opposed to the receding hairline and/or thinning of the crown your will observe in men.

MD® Follicle Energizer is formulated specifically for accelerated hair loss by supporting hair bulk anchoring to the scalp to minimize premature shedding, block DHT and to support natural growth phase of hair bulb.

Active ingredients are cytokines, peptides, marine extracts to increase follicular cell metabolism, block DHT, and to improve microcirculation to support optimum hair growth cycle.

Apply nightly on a dry, clean scalp. Use after MD® Scalp Essential Serum.  Dispense by clicking base of the tube and apply with precision brush to affected areas. Optional message with fingertips. There is no need to rinse off. 14ml vial gives 60 clicks for 1 to 2 month supply. 28 ml permits 120 applications for 3-4 month supply. One click is sufficient for the hair line. Additional click of need more for crown area.

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