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Net Content: 28g

Active Ingredients: Cotton Fiber, Mineral-Based Color


What is MD Hair Building Fibers?

     Hair loss is experienced by millions of men and women. There are many solutions and treatment procedures for hair loss, including instant hair fiber. While you are waiting for your hair to grow back, many need instant coverage and volume. Natural Hair Building Fibers made of cotton fiber and mineral-based color to blend in with existing hair strands. It works with all hair types from straight, curly, frizzy to give an instant natural appearance of thicker and fuller-looking hair.


     The MD Hair Fibre Black is an effective solution used to darken the hair and cover bald spots. Suitable for all hair types and can be used by both men and women.


  • Instant Coverage of Bald Spots 
  • Adds Fullness to Hair
  • Covers Embarrassing Hairloss
  • Waterproof
  • No Itch Natural Cotton Natural 
  • Natural Plant Pigments Without Chemicals
  • Looks Totally Natural
  • Covers Greys
  • Restore Confidence
  • Optional Precision Applicator 
  • Natural Looking


     MD Hair Fibre Black is specially formulated and does not leave a stain on clothing, washes off easily with shampoo, also moisture and sweat proof. It helps restore confidence and comes in dark brown, medium brown, and black.

GET THICKER, FULLER LOOKING HAIR INSTANTLY: MD Ultimate hair fiber helps you to get thicker and fuller looking hair within just minutes. Just shake MD thickening hair fiber directly onto thinning areas and watch the fibers bond seamlessly to your existing hair, creating a completely natural-looking appearance.

UNDETECTABLE: MD Hair fibers are rain, wind, sweat-resistant so the appearance of your hair will remain intact all day long. As they blend completely in your hair, no one will ever know you're using hair fibers, unless & until you tell them.

FREE FROM HARSH CHEMICALS: Hair fibers are free from any harsh chemical colorings which makes them suitable for everyday use. Thickening fibers are made from natural cotton fibers source to look and feel soft unlike other products containing irritating wool. MD ultimate fibers are free from alcohol-free, gluten-free, paraben-free, and never tested on animals.

MINERAL BASED COLOR: Hair fibers are made of natural cotton fiber. Mineral-based color is used to blend in with existing hair strands. It works with all hair lengths and types including straight, curly, and frizzy.

USAGE DIRECTIONS: Dry and style hair as usual. Shake container to apply over thinning areas. Once you apply then gently pat or comb the hair to disperse fibers. For best results, use your favorite hair spray for a firm hold. Try using MD Fiber brush to create natural-looking borders and dispensing bulb for easier application.



Cotton Fiber  - pure cotton fiber for comfort without the itch

Natural Organic Cotton

Natural Mineral Color

chemical-free to avoid irritation

Natural Plant Dyes


  1. Wash/rinse and dry hair, then style as usual.
  2. Shake container and sprinkle the product over thinning areas.
  3. Gently pat or comb the hair to disperse fibers
  4. For best results, apply your favorite hair spray for a firm hold.
  5. Use Spray and Hair Line Optimizer for precise natural-looking application near hairlines.


Other Options:

  1. Black Hair Fiber only
  2. Dark Brown Hair Fiber only
  3. Light Blonde Hair Fiber only
  4. Medium Blonde Hair Fiber only 
  5. Applicator & Comb only
  6. Black Hair Fiber w/ Applicator & Comb
  7. Dark Brown Hair Fiber w/ Applicator & Comb
  8. Light Blonde Hair Fiber w/ Applicator & Comb
  9. Medium Blonde Hair Fiber w/ Applicator & Comb
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