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  1. ​Holiday Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

    ​Holiday Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

    The holidays are a time to enjoy the company of close loved ones. People travel for miles to visit, reminisce and share a memorable meal with one another. Unfortunately, this time can also be stressful for those who are trying to lose weight. If that is you, do not be afraid. Instead of quaking in your boots, develop a plan...
  2. ​Love Your Lashes Ladies!

    ​Love Your Lashes Ladies!

    This holiday season you will get glammed up for all the holiday parties, culminating with the big night out for New Year’s Eve! Yes, it is hard to believe 2014 is already coming to an end and 2015awaits! As you go from the office to this seasons parties, all you need are a few key products that will give you...
  3. Winter is here, but my Hair is there!

    Winter is here, but my Hair is there!

    How to Stop Hair Loss During the Winter Season The winter months are here and that means winter hair shedding is too. It is important to know how you can protect and stop hair loss during dry, cold winter months. Here are some tips to help protect and keep your hair healthy this winter season, and NOT have excess hair...
  4. MAKEENA, steals deals on MD products!

    We are proud to partner with makeena, a mobile application that lives on your iPhone, and will help you shop healthy and sustainable products or brands like MD FACTOR, in one easy spot while earning cash back! She (makenna) is going to be your new best friend! She can help you find new brands to try that you may have...
  5. Natural Way To Treat Unwanted Hair Loss

    Natural Way To Treat Unwanted Hair Loss

    Whether you are a man who is experiencing unwanted, premature hair loss or you're a women who wants to enjoy full-bodied, healthy-looking hair without the hassle and expense of using extensions, chances are good that you've already tried an over-the-counter hair restoration product. Perhaps you've spent hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars trying special shampoos, leave-in treatments and vitamin regimens...
  6. Eat Your Hair Healthy!

    Eat Your Hair Healthy!

    Did you know that your hair changes every seven years? And if we are shedding about 100 hairs a day on average we need to regenerate it at the same pace. So that means feeding your follicles! The intake of essential fatty acids, vitamin D, fresh vegetables and multi-vitamins or minerals will help keep the hair on your head and...
  7. As Seen In Male Standard

    As Seen In Male Standard

    MD® is featured in the Hair section of the website. Male Standard offers a platform for fashion, celebrities, lifestyle, and mega-brands through articulate web articles, YouTube videos, honest reviews and product samples.
  8. ​Making Valentine’s Day a Year-Round Habit

    ​Making Valentine’s Day a Year-Round Habit

    Showing your significant other that you love him or her is a lovely thing, but what does it have to happen only once a year? Many couples are disconcerting the art of daily demonstrations of affection, love, and respect. It doesn't mean you have to go all-out every day; few have the resources for that! But there are things you...

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