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Begin the fight against acne with MD Complexion Factor Acne Control Cream.
"I ordered starter kit and I loved it, now I am trying this one. hope to see good result as well."  Jacey
Net Content: 2 fl oz / 60ml
Active Ingredients: Benzoyl peroxide 5%, Sulfur 3%

MD Complexion Factor Acne Scar Control Cream

     Fight all traces of acne with the MD Complexion Factor Acne Control Cream. This acne Controlling cream comes in a 60 days’ supply, with a formula that helps kill acne causing bacteria, reduces redness and inflammation, and clears clogged pores to eliminate breakouts that are present, while preventing new ones.

Suggested Usage:

     Wash and dry skin. Apply thin layer of Acne Scar gel to affected area.  Wait until dry before going to bed to avoid staining pillow.  Use twice per day during active outbreak and once per day once acne is under control. Reduce usage to once if excess peeling or dryness. Do not use if allergic to benzoyl peroxide, sulfur or resorcinol. 

MD Complexion Factor Acne Control Cream Key Ingredients

Benzoyl peroxide 2.5%

Benzoyl Peroxide kills acne bacteria on contact.

Sulfur 3%

Sulfur absorbs excess oil while it cools and calms.


To reduce redness and minimize scarring.

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