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6 Facts and Myths About Lash Growth Serum

6 Facts and Myths About Lash Growth Serum

Full, fluttery lashes are something that makes your eyes pop, whether or not you apply makeup. Fuller eyelashes enhance your natural look.

But not everyone is blessed with fuller eyelashes. Now, while some may go for eyelash extensions, some want fuller and thicker natural eyelashes. If you are one of those people then the answer to your problem is eyelash growth serums

What Is Eyelash Growth Serum?

Eyelash Growth Serum started gaining popularity in the last few years. It has made its place in the beauty industry due to the benefits and facts it provides. 

The best eyelash growth serum must include ingredients like peptides, vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid, etc. These ingredients work together and reduce lash breakage. It makes the lash roots thick and strong.

How Do Eyelash Growth Serums Work?

Just like healthy and glowing skin is a product of moisturization, similarly, your lashes also demand some love and moisturizer. Without moisture, it is easier for lashes to break. 

This is when the eyelash serum comes into the situation. It moisturizes your lashes and nourishes them with vitamin B. Vitamin B improves the health of hair (including eyelashes) by strengthening the keratin, the protein that makes up the hair.

There are thousands of myths about using an eyelash serum and some of them are facts while some are just lying around without any scientific evidence or explanation.

6 Myths Relating To Eyelash Growth Serum

  • The Results From the Use Of Serum Are Permanent

Using the best eyelash growth serums will help you in getting lashes that are flutter-worthy lengths but no eyelash serum guarantees permanent results.

The use of eyelash serum must be maintained to get the desired results. Once the application is restricted, the eyelashes start returning to their natural appearance.

However, one of the big benefits that an eyelash serum offers is the moisture it adds to your lashes. This moisture prevents brittleness and thus the breakage of the eyelashes is reduced.

  • The More The Eyelash Serum, The Better, And More Effective It Is

Dipping your eyelashes in eyelash serum will not promote faster growth or will not make the serum a hundred times more effective. The growth of lashes is not affected by the amount of product you use. 

Eyelash serums are highly concentrated and the better condition of eyelashes is the result of consistent application of the product. Applying excess if the product is a waste of the product.

  • All Lash Serums Are the Same

Just like shampoos are different irrespective of their packaging, all the lash serums are also different. 

They may appear the same but every serum includes different ingredients which help in encouraging healthier, softer, and lusher eyelashes.

  • Lash Serum Cannot Be Used If You Have Lash Extensions 

Eyelash extensions are high maintenance and yes they can damage your natural eyelashes over the long run. So, to protect your lashes from any damage, eyelash serum should be used.

An eyelash serum will help in maintaining the natural eyelash by providing them with strengthening and conditioning treatment. Do check the label of the serum to find out if it is safe to be used over extensions or not and wait for at least 24-48 hours after getting the extensions to ensure the glue has dried.

  • Using The Serum Twice A Day Will Get Faster Results

Serum must be used only once a day. Applying it twice a day will not speed up the results. As long as you are consistent with your application, you will get the result by using it once a day.

  • Results Take Months

While it is true that it takes about two to three months for the lashes to fully rejuvenate, a consistent application will start showing results in a few weeks only.

6 Facts Relating To Eyelash Growth Serum

  • Lash Serum Is Dermatologist Approved

According to a renowned dermatologist, some eyelash serums are very effective as they contain peptides that promote healthier lashes and lead to enhanced thickness and length.

But not all are dermatologist-approved, so keep in mind to consult your doctor before getting one.

  • Eyelash Growth Serum Can Be Used On Eyebrows Too

Though most eyelash serums are designed to be used on eyelashes only, some can be used on brows too.

  • Results With Natural Lash Serums Are Great

Both synthetic and natural formulations of serums are available in the market. Synthetic formulations contain chemical ingredients that are more likely to trigger an adverse reaction to the sensitive eye area.

Whereas natural serums strengthen the integrity of the hair follicle making them thicker and more resistant to breakage and are not even packed with toxic ingredients. Synthetic serums contain hormone-like ingredients which trigger hair growth but the hair is thin and there can be plenty of side effects of the same.

  • Remove Contact Lenses Before Applying Lash Serum

If you wear contact lenses then remove them before applying lash serum over your eyelashes. Some formulations contain an ingredient called benzalkonium chloride which acts as a preservative. A contact lens may absorb this and cause harm to your eyes.

Put the lens back in the eyes once the serum has dried.

  • Consistency Is Essential For Results 

Being consistent in applying the lash serum is very important if you want to get the results as soon as possible. Using it twice a week will not make any difference but being consistent with it will. 

Most of the serums take about 3-6 weeks to show results.

  • Provides Nourishment To Lashes

These serums are made mostly of an ingredient called biotin which promotes lash growth. It also contains Vitamin B which improves the hair follicles by strengthening the keratin in the lashes. Just like a moisturizer moisturizes your skin, an eyelash serum provides moisture balance to your eyelashes.

This makes your eyelashes shiny, thicker, and lustrous.

Wrapping Up

Eyelashes are noticed even if you have no makeup over your face. They simply amplify the natural look. Using an eyelash serum is a great way to naturally make your lashes thicker and fuller. 

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