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7 Reasons To Invest In An Eyelash Serum Now

7 Reasons To Invest In An Eyelash Serum Now

To achieve beautiful lashes, most have tried various cosmetic options including mascara, extensions, lash perms, lash tinting, lash transplants and for the growing popularity in eyelash conditioning serum.. Women use eye makeup routinely  to add beauty to their lashes.  Did you know that not every product works well with your gorgeous eyes?  For example, many mascaras contain tar that can actually dry out eyelashes and cause premature breakage.  You must now exercise caution because many people are reporting eyelash breakage and lash loss. Eyelash serum should be used in addition to eye makeup. 

Your original eyelashes will be protected with eyelash serum, which also aids in the development of new ones. Like our hair, eyelashes require nutrition and moisture to flourish. It would be preferable to use an eyelash growth serum. There are a variety of benefits to using eyelash serum, but today we'll focus on the top seven.

Top 7 Reasons To Use Eyelash Serum 

1. Hydrates The Lashes Lot

Are you aware that dryness or itchiness can negatively impact the lashes and result in hair loss from constant touching? The best way to stop these issues is to provide them with enough moisture. A good lash serum can maintain hair growth and lashes healthy and hydrated.

2. Hair Follicle Comfort

An effective lash serum has remarkable calming qualities. It calms the hair cells, which aids in the speedy repair of injuries brought on by a variety of factors.

3. Reduces Lash Loss

Similarly, regular use of the serum lengthens and thicken lash  strands, enabling the lashes to develop longer and thicker lashes.

4. Speeds Up Lash Growth
The most effective option  for increasing lash development is eyelash serum. This explains why this product remains so popular. . Let's look at how these serums work to support  hair growth. They successfully nourish  hair roots, which is essential for  healthy lash growth.
5. Lashes Look More Attractive
The eyelash serum is particularly effective at enhancing the appearance of the lashes in addition to promoting lash development. The lashes get stronger, fuller, denser, darker, and thicker  after a few weeks’ application.
6. Makes Damaged Lash & Brow Hairs Wholesome Again

When you use lash and eyebrow serum daily, you may gradually rejuvenate and repair brittle, broken lashes. The follicles are deeply nourished with eyelash and eyebrow serum, which works from the root up to support natural lash growth cycle.

7. Your Eyelash Extensions Will Endure More Time

Lash serum is a need if you are dependent on your lash extensions. Eyelash serum helps stop breaking and early lash loss. Because lash extensions are attached to each of your individual eyelashes, the stronger your lashes, , the longer  your lash extensions will last.

Lash Serums: How Do They Work?

Eyelash serums function by supporting  the hairs during their growing stage and encourage  longer, darker-pigmented hair growth. The majority of serums are composed of peptides, which are simple procedures of amino acid residues that serve as the basis for protein synthesis. 

Given that keratin protein makes up about 80% of your eyelashes, it is important to incorporate keratin in healthy lashes. . The greatest lash serums frequently include additional vitamins and nutrients to help repair the lashes.  Useful ingredients include  ipanthenol, which moisturizes, as well as biotin, which aids in the cell's protein metabolism.

How Safe Is Lash Serum?

Since skin around eyes  has fewer oil glands and fatty tissue than other portions of your skin, the tissue all over your eyes is noticeably thinner than skin somewhere else on the body's skin.

Thus it is important to choose eyelash serum that has been ophthalmologist tested to be safe for sensitive eyes.  

Who Needs To Make Use Of Eyelash Serum?

Although everyone can benefit from utilizing a lash serum, we believe those with frail, short, or fragile natural eyelashes will benefit the most. Furthermore, we suggest using a serum for anyone who has experienced a short lashes  or premature lash loss. Serums are helpful for people who have noticed that their eyelashes have become brittle or more short  over time.

How To Use Lash Serum?

1. Invert All Contact Lenses 

To avoid the serum having contact with your contact lenses, best to remove contacts before applying the liquid.

2. Remove Your Makeup, Then Wash Your Face

Rinse your face after removing any eyeliner, eyeshadow, or waterproof eye makeup with makeup remover. To ensure that the serum sticks to your eyelashes properly, make sure your palms and eyes are free of any debris or cosmetics.

3. Use The Eyelash Serum

Put the lash elixir on the base of the top upper lash line  after removing eye make up.  Spread a thin line similar to applying eye liner. working your way outside from the inner corner of your eye. The eyelash serum will transfer from upper lashes to lower lashes when the eyes are closed so no need to apply to lower lash line. here.

4. Eliminate Any Extra Serum

Wipe away any extra serum from the edge of your eye to prevent discomfort and the possibility of hair growth in unneeded areas.

5. Consistently Apply

Applying lash expansion serums consistently is necessary for results. For best results, make sure to apply every day for at least two to three months. Your lashes' natural  growth phase will be supported with consistent usage.  Once you have reached fullest potential, you can decrease the usage  to twice weekly to maintain the result.

Wrapping Off

Our eyelashes shield our eyes from environmental hazards like dust and pollution, yet even with that protection, our eyes still require support to remain healthy. For them, moisturizing and nourishment work wonders. The use of eyelash serum is advised in this circumstance. For your gorgeous eyelashes, you now have several reasons to get an eyelash growth serum. If it makes sense to you, use it right now.

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