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February is American Heart Month

February is American Heart Month

Cardiovascular (cardio) workouts are very important in any exercise regimen. The American Heart Association recommends at least 150 min. per week, broken up into 30-min. increments five times a week.

Cardio workouts include any physical activities that increase your heart rate for a continuous period of time. The longer you are able to sustain the workout, the more beneficial it will be. Cardio can be hard work, but there are plenty of options for beginners and exercise fiends alike. Going for a walk, swimming, jogging, playing sports, or taking a dance class can count as cardio.

Weight Loss and Management

To burn actual fat and drop pounds, your body has to work a lot harder than it did to gain the weight. Typically, it takes 3,500 calories to burn just one pound. Making changes to your diet can help, but adding a good cardio workout to your regimen can make all the difference. A cardiovascular workout burns more calories and fat than any other kind of exercise. Just ten minutes a day can improve the likelihood of dropping excess weight and keeping it off.

Heart Health

A good cardio workout routine can improve your heart health exponentially. Cardiovascular exercise trains your heart and lungs, and makes them stronger. Regular cardiovascular exercise improves circulation and lowers blood pressure. As being overweight can greatly improve your risk of heart problems, the weight loss than can occur with a good cardio workout will also greatly improve your heart health.

Increased Metabolism

Cardiovascular exercise greatly boosts your metabolism. This is because your body needs lots of energy to keep up with the demands of your working muscles. The higher your heart rate, the greater the number of calories burned. What’s more, even when you’re done with your workout the higher metabolism lasts for several hours. It’s one reason you seem to have more energy after working out.

Stress Relief

Cardio workouts like running, can release stress too. A treadmill, elliptical machine, or stationary bicycle is a great way to take out your frustrations and release tension. Cardio isn’t just an outlet for pent-up frustrations, though. A good cardiovascular workout can release feel-good endorphins into your system. People who get regular cardiovascular exercise tend to be in a better mood.

It Can Be Fun

With so many different options, finding a cardio workout that suits you is easy. Many of them are even a lot of fun. If you find a fun way to get in your cardio workout, you won’t even notice how hard you are working. Organized sports are a fun ways to get a great cardio workout. Also try Zumba, jazzercise or aerobics classes that are high paced and beginner friendly for very effective cardio workout.

Incorporating a good cardio workout into your healthy lifestyle is a must for optimum health. With so many beginner-friendly opportunities, and really fun options to take your mind off the hard work, it is easy to get your cardio in.

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