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Beauty Report, Fall 2021: Is Long Hair Still Rockin’?

Beauty Report, Fall 2021: Is Long Hair Still Rockin’?

You’ve noticed them: the girls with the cute pixie cuts, and those fluffy layers on top for that whimsical, feminine glam. And you’ve also seen certain celebrities (such as Miley Cyrus -- the queen of ‘just do it!’) going short; which leaves you wondering … “Is long hair still in style?”

For fall, 2021, the answer is a resounding “YES!”

Long hair still rules – especially when done right. Below are a few ideas on how to create a variety of hip looks with those long, beautiful get-you-noticed locks! And we’ve even included a few suggestions on how to keep your gorgeous mane as luscious and full as possible with MD Hair products.

Go for the bouncy ponytail

If you’ve ever walked the catwalk (or are just a fan of the models who walk them), then you know the high ponytail is a classic look that never, ever dates. Start by massaging a few drops of the MD Scalp Essentials all over at the roots. This wonderful serum will leave your scalp feeling refreshed – like using a dry shampoo; then curl your entire head with a one-and-a-half-inch curling iron, pull all the hair into a ponytail at the back of the head, divide the hair in half, and pull the halves apart to tighten the elastic. Finish by teasing the underlayers. Easy-peasy beeeeeautiful!

Pigtails as pretty as Ellie-May Clampitt

Here's a great alternative for shoulder-length hair: part it at the side, tease it at the crown, and then finish it off with two short little pigtails. Talk about pretty! For less breakage, we recommend MD Nutri Hair – the supplement that nourishes your hair from the inside!

Add some sassy, classy waves

If smooth hair has just become too high maintenance, go for some sassy, classy waves! The look starts with beautifully clean hair, courtesy the MD Revitalizing Shampoo and hair growth serum duo. These products are physician formulated to deep clean, without weighing hair down. After cleansing and conditioning, blow dry the hair until it’s almost dry. Then make two low pigtail buns at the back (but leave the ends out so they don’t curl). Blow dry the buns for a few minutes. Remove the bobby pins, shake your head … and voila …. Gorgeousness!

Weave in an extra-long (real or fake) designer scarf

Giving your hair a designer look has never been easier! Just take any colorful, extra-long scarf and tie it into your hair about an inch above your hairline at the back so there are two scarf sections secured to your hair with a knot at the middle. Next, divide all your hair into three sections (make the center section slightly larger). Then tightly braid all the sections and scarf together. You’ll create magazine-beautiful hair – in about 5 minutes! Beauty Quick Fix: If your hair is thinning or breaking due to stress, we recommend MD Adrenal Pro Supplements, formulated to combat chronic stress.

  • MD Scalp Essentials

This lightweight serum helps to provide a refreshed scalp environment, while addressing scalp congestion and excess oil, leaving the scalp feeling fresh even after the first use.

  • MD Nutri Hair

MD Nutri Hair is a physician-formulated drug and hormone free daily supplement. It’s designed specifically for hair breakage and excess shedding … for more beautiful, fuller, and thicker-looking hair

  • MD Shampoo/Conditioner Duo – Super Beauty Bundle

The rich, dense foam of the MD Revitalizing Shampoo gently cleanses the scalp and hair; it clears the scalp of excess oils, sprays, gels, toxins and build-up. The MD Revitalizing Conditioner thoroughly hydrates and softens the hair, leaving it smooth and glossy without weighing it down.

  • Anxiety Wellness Supplement

For those experiencing hair problems due to stress, the MD Adrenal Pro supplement was designed to combat chronic stress along multiple biochemical pathways: including the endocrine, nervous, and immune system.

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