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Can I apply two different hair products when styling my hair?

Can I apply two different hair products when styling my hair?

The answer to this question is simply YES. You can apply two or more hair care products while styling hair. But, it has to be in the proper order of their application.

This is because the wrong order may not be practical, or worse, it can damage your hair. Post-shower hair care products and routines usually look more like an experiment. And for the same reason, people do not try to learn or know the correct order of applying hair care products and expert-recommended hair care routines. 

Another reason is that hair care products are less widely used than skin care products, except shampoo and conditioner. For example, most people know that face oil comes after serum. But if you ask them about hair masks or heat protectants- you might get a mixed or confused response. 

Studies show that hair care products penetrate differently (in hair) than other care products. That's why knowing their proper use order is essential to harness their maximum possible benefits.

What are some general rules for hair care products?

There is nothing like written general rules of the hair care routine. Still, the best-followed hair care practice by professionals can be considered some non-written hair care practices. 

For example, talking about skincare, one of the golden rules is layering the skincare from the lightest product to the heaviest. When discussing the best hair care, experts suggest that foundation comes first, then structure, and then finish.

To help you understand better, you can use shampoo, hair mask, or conditioner as a foundation. You can try hair nourishment products and heat protectants as a structure. Lastly, to finish or complete your hair care process, you can use styling products and sprays to texture your hair.

With this in mind, you can layer your hair for the best possible look and style. Also, whether you use one or all of the products together, their order of application on hair will remain the same, starting with shampooing.

The correct order of two different hair products when styling hair

Correct Order of Application of Shampoo and Conditioner

One of the most common hair care products is shampoo and conditioner. But sometimes, people need to correct their use of these two. The first is choosing the right shampoo or conditioner for hair problems and treatment.

Simply put, you must use the right shampoo or conditioner based on your hair type and needs.

Whatever your hair types, such as thick and curly, fine and straight, kinky, or natural colored, the right choice of shampoo and conditioner can help you bring out the best natural texture of your hair. 

Similarly, for dyed hair, opt for something made for color-treated hair, such as no-parabens or less-surfactants. 

Hydrating shampoo and conditioner will work best for dry and damaged hair. Lastly, for limp hair, volumizing will be a great choice. 

Last but not least, whatever you use, to break up the residue (styling) on your scalp, rotating in a clarifying solution such as shampoo once a week will work best for you.

Correct Order of Application of Detangler

Knots and tangles may cause problems with your styling product while absorbing it. Therefore using a detangler soon after the shower can help you with this hair issue.

You can also use a detangler before applying anything to your hair. It helps increase the hair's porosity, making it easy for wet products to go on more evenly on the hair. It also minimizes the chances of potential breakage while styling.

Here's the right way to use it. Apply detangler on the middle of your hair till the end and nowhere else. It ensures your scalp doesn't look greasy. 

Correct Order of Application of Hair Mask

Experts suggest that before you put hair mask, shampoo your hair first. Once the hair masking is done, you can condition your hair. Simply put, hair masking comes in between shampooing and conditioning. 

Shampooing before the hair mask helps open up hair cuticles. That allows hair strands to receive the maximum possible benefits from the mask. 

Before you put on the mask, comb your hair through your fingers and not on the scalp, and leave the hair mask on for 15-20 minutes before you rinse it. 

Later condition and rinse off your hair to ensure no residue remains on the hair to weigh it down.

Sometimes, double up the mask if your hair feels extremely dry or damaged. But ensure you do not overboard your hair with it because the excess application of the hair mask may weigh down your hair strands.

Correct Order of Application of Hair Oil and/ or Leave-in Conditioner

Leave-in conditioner performs best on tangle-free hair. Hence their application comes after Tangler. 

A Leave-in conditioner is one of the best ways to hydrate your hair because you apply it while it is wet. It helps protect your strands from frizzing out.

Now talking about hair oil, you can apply it on both; wet and dry hair. If you are not planning to heat-style your hair, you can use oil for the best absorption of its ingredients. 

However, with heat-style, applying oil may fry them and make them further dry or even damage them.

You should also notice that not all oils are the same. Some can adjust the heat; hence they are perfect for blow-drying. While others are for aftercare. If you need help deciding which oil to use when, reading the label or instructions on their package will help you.

Correct Order to Apply Volumizing or Thickening Mousse

Now if you wish to add volume to your hair, apply a pump of thickening or volumizing mousse directly into the hair roots. It can offer you added lift and a voluminous appearance.

While applying thickening mousse, keep it on the roots until the mid-length of your hair and not the hair ends.

Correct Order to Apply Heat Protectant

Layering your hair with foundation, structure, and finish can be challenging and enjoyable at the same time, but it has to be done carefully. 

Before you blow dry or iron your hair, apply heat protectant to protect your hair from heat damage.  Simply spray and evenly distribute hair heat protectant from root to tip of hair to ensure hair is well-covered before heat-styling.



Using the right hair care product starts with identifying your hair type and needs. Because every hair care product is unique concerning its use, application, and way to apply. And, so, the hair type. 

Therefore, finding the proper order of application of two or more hair care products is critical. It ensures you get the best possible results with each product and brings the best hairstyle out.

Hence, you can apply two different hair products when styling your hair. However, it is crucial to consider their correct order, compatibility of the products, and desired outcomes you wish to achieve with such treatment. 

This is also important because some hair care products ingredients may not work well with other ingredients, leading to conflict causing  hair problems such as dryness, hair fall, breakage, or other issues. Therefore, reading the instructions and  always advised. 

When in doubt, perform a patch test with each product on a small section of your hair to ensure it suits you. This way, you can avoid using a product that might cause an allergy or reaction to your scalp, hair, or both.

Lastly, consulting a professional before opting for any hair care product is safe. Because a professional hair stylist or a reputed hair care expert, such as MD- Beauty & Wellness (Buy Beauty Products Online | Best Selling Cosmetics in the USA - MD®), can better advise you on what hair products you should try based on your hair type, skin sensitivity, and requirements.

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