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Hair mask or conditioner: which should I choose?

Hair mask or conditioner: which should I choose?

When we talk about hair care products- shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and other hair care solutions come to mind. These products help nourish our hair and offer the best possible care.

However, choosing the right hair care products can be challenging.

For example, people get confused between hair masks and conditioners, like which one to use first and when!

Therefore, to help you choose and narrow down the choice to the right hair care product, this time, we have come up with the topic- "Hair mask or conditioner: which should I choose?" So, let's discuss now.

But before we proceed, let's learn- "What is a Hair Mask?"

It is enriched with natural hair-nourishing oil. It has good ingredients that work best on damaged hair. The prime purpose of a Hair Mask is to nourish and moisturize dry & damaged hair, thus bringing back health to hair. It deeply hydrates your hair (strands) and should be used after hair wash.

While applying the hair mask, ensure your hair is wet.

Therefore, whether you have dry, extremely dehydrated, or undernourished hair, you may use it to moisturize it deeply.

In case you love homemade hair masks, here is something for you.

You can also make hair masks at home using ingredients like banana, coconut, olive, and aloe vera. 

For those who love to use heating tools to style hair, a hair mask can be a fantastic way to minimize hair breakage and control hair damage.

Now, let's learn "What is a Hair Conditioner?"

It is a conditioning agent that helps smooth the hair shaft, hydrate it, and make it less frizzy. It also helps minimize hair damage due to sun exposure. 

You apply it on wet hair and post-hair wash because it is light. Therefore, easy to use.

Post application, it is left there for a few minutes so the conditioner goes deeper into the hair. And as a result, you get soft and manageable hair.

Another important reason for using conditioner is to retain or maintain sebum that your hair loses after frequent hair washes. With the proper application of conditioner, you can help yourself balance the sebum, as most conditioners produce synthetic sebum oil.


Hair Mask


What is the Purpose of a Hair Mask and a Hair Conditioner?

Hair Mask is formulated with nourishing ingredients and natural oils to help nourish your damaged and dry hair. At the same time, hair conditioner comes in liquid form. It moisturizes and protects hair from further damage.

A conditioner also produces synthetic sebum oil, which helps balance the sebum dried from shampooing.

What is the Right Way to Use a Hair Mask and Hair Conditioner?

To apply a hair mask, you first need to clean your hair. You can also do shampoo for the same.

After hair wash, dry your hair and then apply the hair mask. Leave it for 20-30 minutes before you remove or rinse it.

However, use conditioner after the mask to seal moisture in your hair strands.

Ensure to follow the instructions written on a mask for better results. 

Talking about the conditioner- it is applied post-hair wash or shampoo.

You must apply this in small amounts on the wet hair, not the scalp. Apply it from the root (lower end of hair) to the tip and leave it for a few minutes before you wash it.

As shared, it helps lock moisture in hair (strands) and gives it a new shine.

You can opt for a hair mask to repair your dehydrated and damaged hair caused by the recent use of a heating tool or a chemical product. It is more effective in such cases.

While conditioner softens and smoothens hair, it should be done post-shampooing. However, many people use it before shampoo, known as Reverse Washing. 

Another method of using conditioner is Co-washing.

You can skip the shampoo and wash your hair with conditioner in this practice. 

Reverse and Co-washing is best for those with dehydrated and textured hair.

Frequency of Usages of Hair Mask and Conditioner!

Experts suggest applying a hair mask once or twice a week. However, suppose you are using any hydrating (treatment) mask. In that case, you must follow the instructions on the pack to find the right frequency of usage.

Talking about the conditioner, you can use it more than twice a week. Usually, people use conditioner whenever they shampoo their hair. But, if you notice greasiness after the conditioner, reduce the frequency.

Who Can Use Hair Mask and Conditioner?

A hair mask helps repair damaged and dry hair. Hence, people with extremely dry or damaged hair should opt for it. However, for oily hair, a hair mask may add to greasiness.

On the other hand, conditioner helps repair and moisturize dry hair. People with mild dryness should use it after every wash or shampooing their hair. Again, use it cautiously for oily hair; otherwise, you may feel greasy.

For greasy hair, people should use it within a limit.

Take Away!

A hair mask can be the best solution to moisturize and nourish your hair. It helps nourish your dry and dull hair. It further helps reduce hair breakage and damage, strengthens hair, and offers a healthier scalp.

On the other hand, a conditioner makes it super-easy to manage hair. It helps improve hair texture, soften the hair strands, and add shine. Most importantly, it offers immediate benefits to your hair. Thus, it is a quick solution to hair dryness problems.

However, if you want to use both, you can. A conditioner would offer you a smooth hair shaft while also reducing frizziness. In contrast, a hair mask will help boost hair strength by nourishing it

Proper nourishment always helps hair growth and hair strand health. 

However, suppose you have any other concerns with the use and after results of the hair mask or conditioner. You should consult your doctor or a well-known hair care expert. They can better assist, guide, and suggest the proper and effective solution.

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