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Hair Transplant? …Don’t Forget Your MD®!

Hair Transplant? …Don’t Forget Your MD®!

Is your hair falling out? Are you embarrassed by bald spots? As time passes, do you notice your hair becoming finer and thinner?

Perhaps a hair transplant from a reputable clinic such as the Hair Club or Bosley Hair Restoration is the answer! Hair transplants create the look of fuller, thicker hair … helping you not only look better, but this procedure is bound to also restore your confidence.

The first step is to consult a doctor. A doctor can tell you what to expect and provide you with realistic expectations.

Below is a snapshot overview of hair transplants:

  • The procedure is performed in a doctor’s office. Look for reputable physicians who are board-certified or by centers specializing in hair transplantation.
  • The scalp is cleaned and analgesia is injected to numb the back of the head.
  • Hair strips are harvested from the back of the head and prepared for implantation.
  • The scalp wound is closed; and hidden by the surrounding hair.
  • The removed strips are prepared into 500 to 2000 tiny graphs, depending on the hair type.
  • Hair is grafted into place paying attention to direction and density to make the graft as natural as possible.
  • Depending on the number of transplants, operation can take up to four to eight hours.
  • Recovery may be painful and require pain medication for several days.
  • In two to three weeks, the transplanted hair falls out; and new hair grows back.

MD offers the MD Hair Restoration Starter Kit for those considering a hair transplant.

This kit offers three must-have products to be used before and after the transplant.

  • 1.MD Scalp Essential Serum to ensure the scalp is as healthy as possible.
  • 2.MD Follicle Energizer to strengthen and thicken hair follicles.
  • 3.MD Nutri Hair, a renowned daily supplement, to nourish the hair from within.

For best results, Dr. Susan Lin recommends using the MD Hair Restoration Starter Kit three months before the transplant.

During the first week after surgery, the scalp is a painful, bloody mess and difficult to clean. Patients are advised to use MD Scalp Essential serum to calm the inflammation and keep the scalp clean.

Most transplanted hair will last 10 years; by using the MD Hair Restoration Kit, one can optimize the health of the scalp and hair and hopefully extend the duration of the transplant.

Right now, the MD Hair Restoration Starter Kit is a great value! By purchasing this bundle, you’ll save $40 over purchasing these products separately.

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