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Why Women Should Speak Up and Actively Seek Hair Loss Solutions

Why Women Should Speak Up and Actively Seek Hair Loss Solutions

The often quoted (and paraphrased) saying “A woman’s hair is her crowning glory” may have originally referred to women with longer styles, but it still rings true for many of us today. Hair is more than just a bunch of strands made of keratin – it’s an expression of one’s style and personality. Like fashion, one’s hair can change depending on mood and occasion.

So, it’s no surprise when the subject of losing such a precious commodity’s often kept quiet or publicly ignored. Bad hair days are annoying – but dealing with hair loss can feel absolutely disheartening. No one wants to acknowledge such a sensitive issue, as it churns feelings of getting older, losing your vitality, or even an unwanted shedding of your unique identity. Men lose their hair but the subject isn’t taboo – so why is female hair loss not addressed?

Today, female hair loss is a huge, untapped market. 1 out of 4 women, or around 40 million in the United States, experience some form of hair loss and thinning hair. Only a small fraction of these women actually seek treatment, whether it’s from a doctor or through self-research and over-the-counter products. Why isn’t this issue put on the forefront more often? Why do beauty salons across North America not cater to this ignored niche?

MD® wants to tackle this issue and help women approach the issue of hair loss without a feeling of shame or secrecy. You’re not alone – and you shouldn’t feel that way. We’re here to help.

Dr. Susan F. Lin, founder of MD®, is also a practicing physician over 21 years in women’s health, beauty, aesthetics and anti-aging medicine. Her direction and focus is on hair and skin regeneration and anti-aging technology, and developing MD®’s patented Hair Growth technology.

MD® Nutri Hair is our exclusive supplement system of numerous hair-friendly nutrients such as lilac extract, omega fatty acids and biotin formulated specifically for women. They’re easy to use, cost effective and have a fast onset of action – expect results in a few weeks rather than months. MD® Nutri hair works for all ages and ethnicities.

MD® Scalp Essential is an innovative, potent serum for hair that we’ve developed to work alongside any of our MD® Hair Restoration products, or as a stand-alone solution to itchy, oily scalps, thinning hair, and hair loss. It’s the only topical leave-on treatment that works to treat the symptoms and cause of an itchy scalp with a fast, immediate result. With lilac extract balancing hormones and reducing scalp oil, it’s the ideal, low-maintenance solution for women of any age or ethnicity dealing with hair loss.

Take advantage of our MD® Nutri Hair 30 day challenge and contact us today for details.

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