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How does vitamin E benefit hair health?

How does vitamin E benefit hair health?

Vitamins are crucial to muscular, skin, mental, and hair health. Among all the vitamins, vitamin E is super-important when it comes to hair, scalp, and skin health.

But how does vitamin E benefit hair health? Let's find out.

Vitamin E is best known for its unmatched properties, such as antioxidants that help improve and protect the body's cell health by reducing free radical damage. For the same reason, you can notice that many skin and hair care products have vitamin E in them.

You would be surprised to know that vitamin E has other benefits, such as helping protect the skin from aging, inflammation, and sun damage, which is why it has been used in dermatology for decades. This fat-soluble antioxidant is critical for maintaining healthy hair, shine, scalp skin, and a well-functioning immune system.

Besides these benefits, vitamin E is super-important in curing hair problems such as frizzy, damaged, dull, and unmanageable hair into beautiful, luscious, shiny, and healthy.

How Does Vitamin E Help in Hair Problems?

Antioxidant Properties of vitamin E

Studies and experience show that vitamin E helps prevent hair loss problems and improve overall hair health. It is because of its antioxidant properties that help reduce oxidative stress in the scalp. And oxidative stress is linked with the hair problem in many people. 

Improved Blood Circulation in the Scalp

Improved blood circulation in the scalp is said to help improve hair health, such as hair strength, size, thickness, and color. Vitamin E helps increase blood flow, further enhancing hair follicles' health. Thus, dense and shiny hair on your scalp.

However, such studies are in their initial phase. More research is required to determine if vitamin E directly affects the blood supply level in the scalp and the link between hair growth, vitamin E, and blood circulation.

Locks Moisture and Prevent Excess Oil Production

Vitamin E is well-known for creating a protective barrier on the skin (surface). Because this barrier helps lock moisture.

Dry, dull, and irritated skin may indicate vitamin E deficiency. However, more research is needed to conclude whether vitamin E can help balance out scalp oil production.

Essential and natural oils that contain vitamin E, such as Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, and hair care serum, may help moisturize the scalp and keep hair healthy and shiny. It may also help prevent (or balance) excess oil production on the scalp.

Vitamin E and Scalp!

There is a strong relationship between vitamin E and skin. 

Vitamin E plays a key role when it comes to skincare and health. And scalp skin is not an exception. It is a part of your body. It has been observed that poor scalp (skin) health is linked to dullness and poor health quality. 

On the other hand, vitamin E supports the scalp and offers your hair a solid base to flourish by minimizing oxidative stress and helping to secure the protective lipid layer. 

The best part about vitamin E is that you can quickly get it through a balanced diet. For the same reason, vitamin E deficiency is rarely seen in people because most people get a sufficient amount of it (vitamin E) from their enriched food.

However, if you want to add more life to your hair, shine, and beauty, you can try a hair care serum with vitamin E. These days, many shampoo and conditioner maker use this vitamin in their hair care products for the best possible results

You can also try Vitamin E Hair MaskVitamin E Hair Oil, and Vitamin E Hair Serum.

Vitamin E helps shine hair!

Who doesn't love shiny hair?- Dull, fizzy, and brittle hair does not suit anyone's personality. It also affects your confidence and creates a poor impression. For the same reason, everyone loves shiny hair.

Observation shows hair may look dull and frizzy when undernourished or internally damaged. It happens when the protective fat layer outside your hair's cuticle is separated or removed. And then, gradually, it becomes difficult to manage, style, and shine.

To help you with this problem, use a vitamin E-rich oil. 

It may help you restore and replace that protective layer to bring back the shine. An essential or natural hair care oil, in general, helps reduce breakage, seal out moisture, and add more life to hair by protecting it from further damage.

How can I get vitamin E from food?

Your diet can affect your vitamin E consumption. What and how much you eat are crucial for your healthy hair. 

For example, a lack of calories and micronutrients such as vitamin E or protein can affect hair texture, structure, and overall health.

To help you with vitamin E deficiency in your food, you can try nuts, leafy greens, sunflower oil, and olive oil. It is also found in fortified foods, such as breakfast cereal.

Some people also consume vitamin E supplements because they are readily available. However, we would not like to recommend this method until your doctor, physician, or dermatologist asks you to do so.

Consumption of vitamin E supplements without prior expert consultation and proper guidance can put you at risk of getting excess vitamin E, which can adversely affect your health.


Vitamin E


Vitamin E Hair Care Oil!

For those who love using vitamin E directly in their hair, always remember to dilute it with carrier oil. 

This process minimizes the risk of skin irritation and makes it easy to work as vitamin E oil, which is thick when pure.

Since most vitamin E oil has a carrier oil to dilute it, it helps it lessen oxidation as pure oil can quickly oxidize when exposed to air.

To get the most out of your vitamin E oil, here are some tips:

Step #1- Gently massage it onto your scalp skin

Step #2- Use a wide-tooth comb 

Step #3- Let the oil sit for at least 20-25 minutes before you prepare to wash it

Step #4- Some people also love to carry the oil overnight and wash it in the morning. However, if you want, you can wash your hair post-oil application for 20-25 minutes.

Step #5- Use your regular shampoo to wash oil and hair. If your hair feels moisturized, you can skip the conditioning.

Final Words!

In addition to all these techniques to help you keep your hair healthy with vitamin E, you can also try Vitamin E Hair Masks, Shampoo, and conditioner. Because if you can't make any special efforts with vitamin E, at least your regular hair care product should have vitamin E for better results.

Experts suggest adding vitamin E to your regular hair care routine.

Choose the right food that helps you get adequate vitamin E, the right pair of hair care products, and regular consultation with your dermatologist if you have had any scalp or hair-related problems in the past.

It is always best to talk and consult with haircare experts before taking a vitamin E treatment or supplement. It helps you decide on a suitable set of solutions for better and more effective results.

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