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3 Must-Have Hair Growth Products For A Healthy Hair Growth

3 Must-Have Hair Growth Products For A Healthy Hair Growth

These days, hair thinning is a relatively prevalent issue, whether it is brought on by genetics, stress, aging, or lifestyle. Fortunately, specialized hair growth solutions can help slow down or even stop the thinning of your hair so that it still looks thick and healthy. When purchasing hair development products, you should always keep an eye out for components like biotin, zinc, iron, collagen, niacin, caffeine, ginseng, etc.

Biotin reduces hair loss, notably in alopecia patients. Another micronutrient that can aid in treating alopecia is zinc. Hair loss is frequently correlated with an iron shortage as well. A protein that supports healthy hair is collagen. 

It has been demonstrated that niacin promotes hair fullness. When used topically, caffeine enhances follicular stimulation. Let's take a look at the top 3 must-have hair growth products!

1. MD® Follicle Activator - Follicle Booster with Natural Extracts - 0.14 fl.oz./ 4ml 3 Month Supply

MD® Follicle Activator contains unique hair growth components that significantly activate multiple hair follicles, eventually boosting your hair growth cycle efficiently. This effective hair growth product contains ergothioneine, panthenol, extensive milk protein, and biotin, which is a must to facilitate hair growth. It can be used on a clean, dry scalp before bedtime to trigger hair follicles regularly for faster results.

2. MD® Follicle Energizer Serum - Natural Hair Serum - 28 ml 

This exceptional serum helps bring back the ultimate shine of your hair, making them smooth and silky. The serum is well-known to help with the hair-shedding issue while strengthening the roots of the strands. With the goodness of marine extracts, cytokine, and peptides, this is just the hair growth product that you seek. 

3. MD® Revitalizing Shampoo & Conditioner for Men & Women

This highly nourishing shampoo is a perfect choice if you wish to have strong, healthy, and smooth hair. Since it deeply cleans the hair and scalp and clears excess toxins present, it makes your hair soft extensively. It contains Omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids from Sachi oil which adds a certain natural shine. In addition to this, it also makes sure that your hair remains free from any oil build-up. 

Tips On Healthy Hair Growth

The development of all hair is genetically predetermined. According to studies, our father's and mother's father are responsible for our hair. Our family tree will be responsible for our hair, good, bad, and ugly. You cannot change your DNA, which determines how quickly or slowly your hair will grow, no matter how many do-it-yourself (DIY) formulas you lather and/or smear on your scalp and hair.

The average person in perfect health will develop hair at a rate of about 6 inches each year, depending on their genetic makeup. The current race has a bearing on this as well. Compared to other races, some races have faster annual hair growth.

Also, between the ages of 15 and 30, hair tends to grow at its own ideal rate. After that, hair growth may begin to slow down sluggishly. Four distinct growth cycles affect hair development, including the anagen cycle, which is the active cycle. The anagen cycle can run between two and seven years, depending on genetics. 

Most people's hair will enter a retraction, resting, and shedding stage. Yet, there are several known population pockets in Mexico, Minnesota, and Italy, where there are zero thyroids in the water, and the inhabitants have low-grade thyroid disease. If you don't cut or significantly trim your hair and it grows at the pace of 6 inches of hair per year for six years, you can grow 36 inches of hair.

Techniques for Hair Management + Lifestyle

Even though you can't speed up hair growth past what your genes allow, it's essential to maximize your lifestyle and hair management while growing your hair to prevent losing any hair unnecessarily to damage from bad nutrition or care.

This means that it's imperative to take action to prevent losing any new growth due to poor maintenance for every inch you gain.

1. Use the best hair growth advice and methods you can

This entails consuming the healthiest meals for hair, taking various vitamins and nutrients as supplements, getting enough sleep and water to be hydrated, exercising, and refraining from using harsh hair products.

2. Prevent any heat

This covers tools, including rollers, hot irons, and blow dryers. Avoid using any harsh hair treatments like relaxers, chemical straighteners, bleach, or hair color, and only wet wash properly with pH-balanced products as necessary.

3. Find out as much as you can about hair growth

  • Make every effort to maintain the healthiest possible hair.
  • Keep in mind that anything you remove from your hair must be put back in.
  • This implies that if you dehydrate your hair, you must rehydrate it.
  • Numerous DIY hair treatments fail to penetrate the scalp barrier.

The majority of so-called "hair experts" who recommend a wide range of do-it-yourself (DIY) hair treatments might not be aware that the majority of them (onion juice, egg masks, most oils besides olive and coconut oil, etc.) cannot penetrate the barrier from the scalp into the hair roots and down into the cortex.

  • Products won't have any impact if they can't pass through the barrier.
  • Not all hair products consistently work for all users.
  • Keep in mind the hair products that suit your needs and the best hair growth techniques for your hair type, texture, and growth objectives.
  • Growing long, thick, luxurious hair takes time and effort; it's not a sprint.
  • For hair to respond to particular treatments and/or maintenance, it may take at least 90 days. Years may pass before hair reaches its full splendor.
  • Long, healthy hair requires perseverance and patience. Never surrender.
  • Which hair products promote hair growth the fastest?
  • One does not exist. No single hair product can promise or provide hair growth.

Wrapping Up

Another crucial component in your hair care routine is appropriately using the best hair growth products. To assist in stimulating the hair follicles, thoroughly massage these products. Overuse of your product just leads to build-up and clogs the hair follicles.

If you are searching for a trusted and reliable brand to help you with your hair care regime, then MD has got you. With our huge collection of some of the best hair growth products, we help you look younger easily. 

Explore our website and get in touch with our expert teams today!

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