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     Feel the Natural Relaxing Fragrance of Pure Undiluted French Lavender Essential Oil for Sleep. Add a drop of the essential oil for sleeping on your pillow or message onto temples and feel an instant easing of tension and relaxation of muscles. Buy this lavender oil sleep aid and drift naturally into a restful sleep without using habit forming sleep medications. Finally a natural solution for insomnia.


MD Sleep Factor

     Sourced from highest grade of pure, undiluted and cold processed lavender oil from Provence France.

     This pesticide and chemical free, non GMO quality lavender essential oil will help you achieve sound deep sleep.

Ease Respiration: 

     Rub on chest and neck region to enjoy natural breath benefit through inhalation. It can be used with a diffuser.

Instant Deep Relaxation: 

     Put a drop of soothing oil on palm. Gently rub palms toward the face, deeply inhale for a relaxing experience. Apply one drop to temple, chest or neck and massage gently.

Natural Sleep Inducer: 

     You can place a drop or two on collar of pyjama, or your pillow to enjoy a restful sleep. A few drops can also be added to cotton ball and placed in your pillow case.

Ease the Tension: 

     Mix few drops with your favorite massage oil. Rub all over body to ease shoulder and head tension, and boost mood.

6 Reasons You Need More Sleep

Getting enough and restful sleep is important to health from Harvard Women's Health

  • BEAUTY: The regenerative processes during sleep help restores the skin's youthful appearance. Enough Sleep helps corrects the dark circles, and aging caused by lack of sleep.
  • HEALTH: A sufficient and restful sleep helps prevent common health issues like, heart attack, hypertension and altered immune function.
  • WEIGHT: Lack of sleep causes hormonal imbalance, especially for appetite. A severe lack of sleep causes weigh gain as sleep determines the processing of carbohydrates. Get enough restful sleep to avoid unnecessary weigh gain.
  • FOCUS: Getting enough sleep helps stay focused and complete task efficiently. An extra hour of sleep helps with DAHD and ADD in adult and children.
  • MEMORY: Enough sleep helps the brain process new information to memory. Students are able to do well academically, when they get good sleep as it helps the brain relax better.



  • Used in Mediterranean since Roman time
  • 300 different lavender varieties
  • Emotionally attracting and calming for mind and body
  • 350 studies demonstrating medical use of lavender as sedative, anti-anxiety, depression, postpartum depression, nervousness, analgesic, induce relaxation, improve sleep quality and well being.

DHEA Necessary for Health and Beauty

  • Dehydroepiandrosterone produced by adrenal gland but can also be from plant
  • Balances male and female hormones
  • Critical for Skin Health and Anti-Aging
  • Healthy Immunity
  • Lean Muscle and Fat burning
  • Peaks at age 20-25 then declines 1% per year
  • Lowered by stress, poor sleep , menopause, and high carbohydrate/sugar intake.
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