MD Follicle Activator
MD FOLLICLE ACTIVATOR 3 Month Supply - md-factor
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MD® FOLLICLE ACTIVATOR| Serum Support Hair Growth for Male and Female Hairloss Baldspots 3 Month Supply
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   Use MD Follicle Activator nightly on a dry clean scalp to "jump start" hair follicles.
"AMAZING RESULT!!! little pricey but worth every penny !!! "  Abby
Net Content: 0.14 fl.oz./ 4ml  3 month supply

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MD® Follicle Activator

We create beauty through advanced science ™

     MD® Follicle Activator contains MD's unique patented hair growth complex to activate dormant hair follicles into the natural hair growth cycle.

     MD® Follicle Activator can be used daily before bedtime on a clean dry scalp to trigger hair follicles. It should be applied after using MD® Scalp Essentials serum, for optimum results.

     Normally, results begin to become obvious within the first 1-2 months after commencing usage, but best results are observed after 3-5 months of continued usage. Results may vary depending on how severe is the hair loss condition. A mild to the average condition will see results faster than a severe condition which takes more time.

     If you have medical causes of hair loss such as thyroid disorder, anemia, menstrual irregularities, or hormonal issues, it is advisable to consult with your physician and correct the issue first. n order to aid the effective use of hair follicle growth serum.


  • Wash, shampoo, and dry hair
  • Apply MD® Scalp Essentials serum and gently massage into the scalp
  • Turn MD® Follicle Activator dial 180 degrees and apply one drop directly on the scalp with hair loss. Note that just one turn of follicle boosting serum will provide enough product for the entire scalp
  • For optimal results, follow with MD® Follicle Energizer serum using a soft brush to spread the serum on the scalp
  • Avoid the use of chemical dyes, gel, and mousse on the scalp

MD Follicle Activator Key Ingredients


Also called Thiotaine, this mushroom-derived peptide and antioxidant protects and nourishes the hair.


This provitamin of B5 nourishes and moisturizes hair.

Milk Protein

Part of a cytokine complex, milk protein encourages healthy hair growth.


Also known as Vitamin H, this supports the health of cells.

Active Ingredients: Biotin, Ergothioneine, Growth Peptide Complex, Panthenol


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