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How to Grow (Or Regrow) Your Eyelashes

How to Grow (Or Regrow) Your Eyelashes

Eyelashes make your eyes look stunning. Don't they! And if they are voluminous and thick, nothing can stop you from being a shop stopper!

But if you are searching for "how to grow or regrow your eyebrows," here is something from experts: you can promote the growth/ regrowth of thicker and longer eyelashes with different remedies, beauty products, and techniques. So, let's learn about some of them.

Solution #1 Moisturize Your Lashes

In our previous content, we have been discussing the same for a long time: it is essential to moisturize your eyelashes for their health and longer life. 

To moisturize them, apply natural oils such as coconut, caster, and olive. But if your skin shows allergies to any oil, just stop using it. This is one of the "at home eyelash growth remedies" you can quickly try for eyelash growth. 

Use a cotton ball/ swab to apply oil to your lashes, and it will gently hydrate them. These oils also darken the lashes. Thus making them look voluminous and thicker.

These oils promote healthy eyelash growth and strengthen lash roots. You can also try an expert recommendable best eyelash growth serum to form healthy "at home lash growth" habits.


Solution #2 Use Aloe Vera

Aloe vera offers many benefits when it comes to eyelashes. It hydrates and strengthens dry, brittle, and patchy lashes. 

In addition to soothing and moisturizing effects, aloe vera also boosts collagen that nurtures the eyelashes. And once your eyelashes are enough-hydrate, you will notice less eyelash fallout and breakage.

Solution #3 Use of "Eyelash Grow Serum"


Use of Eyelash Grow Serum

Some people also call them Eyelash Growth Serum, and it can be the best way to enhance eyelashes and treat your lashes for better health.

Eyelash serums with natural content help treat hair loss and help lashes stay healthy longer. Such an eyelash care product can be considered the "best product to regrow eyelashes."

A few people still doubt "Are eyelash growth serums safe" or "Are lash growth serums safe"- well, the answer is yes- if they are chemical-free and have been formulated with nutrients that support lash hair growth naturally. 

In addition to lash growth, eyelash serum also strengthens the lashes for a long. 

But before you apply any lash serum or include a lash care solution to your beauty routine, we recommend you consult with experts such as MD- Beauty & Wellness (Buy Beauty Products Online | Best Selling Cosmetics in the USA - MD®). This is because experts like them have been in this domain for years and exhibit expertise with outstanding and practical solutions.

Expert consultation can be the best way to get eyelashes to grow.

Solution #4 Try Lash-boosting Mascara

Yes, you can also try lash-boosting mascara to get long eyelashes.

Always go with nutrient-rich mascara to help you get your dream eyelashes. Some people consider lash boosters (mascara) as an alternative to "beat eyelash serum or beat lash serum." But ensure your mascara has the same key ingredients as a nutrient-rich eyelash growth has. 

Lash-boosting mascara can offer you length and volume to your beautiful lashes.


Solution #5 Nurture Your Lashes With Supplements


How to apply Eyelash serum

That seems strange; how can you nurture your lashes with supplements for their growth?- but this is the "best way to grow eyelashes back." 

Collagen and biotin support the hair growth process in our body. And if your lashes are thin, weak, or patchy, consider taking collagen or biotin supplements. But again, we recommend consulting a physician or an expert before adding new supplements to your routine. They will help you find and decide the best supplements to nurture your lashes based on your medical history and present condition.

In addition to these solutions, remember; proper care promotes longer and thicker lashes. Therefore, let's talk about some of the lash care techniques!

Care #1 Wash off Your Makeup

Always wash off your face (makeup) to help remove your eye makeup. Try a gentle makeup remover such as lukewarm water or your expert-recommended liquid. 

Soak a cotton swab in water or solution and gently press the pad/ cotton ball against your eye for 5-10 seconds. It will help you thoroughly remove your eye makeup. You can repeat these steps 2-3 times. 

Avoid tugging or plucking your lashes, and use ONLY gentle motions. 

You can also consider using an oil-based cleanser that melts away your eye makeup and help you remove dirt while moisturizing your lashes. 

Washing off your makeup and dirt helps minimize the chances of eye irritation, dry lashes, infections, and, last but not least, eyelash fallout.


Care #2 Untangle Your Lash Hairs

Many people still need to follow this simple yet super-effective technique to help them grow straight eyelashes. 

Just brush your lashes gently in an upward stroke, and you are done. It allows eyelashes to untangle, develop straight, and remove dust or dirt attached to them.


Bonus Care

Go with a diet containing; omega-3 fatty acids, leafy green vegetables, vitamins B7, B12, and D, Iron, and Zinc. Such a diet will promote healthy lash growth with strong and long hair.

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