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Is Your Eyelash Serum Safe?- Let’s find out!

Is Your Eyelash Serum Safe?- Let’s find out!

Suppose you want to grow eyelashes and are interested in some of the best cheap eyelash serums available in the market or have queries such as “How to use lash serum” regarding safety in mind. In that case, we have come up with something for you! So, let’s get started!

What are the Searches for the Best Eyelash Serum and Eyelash Grower?

Social Media platforms and experts in the same domain suggest from search analytics that searches and queries for “the best eye lash serums,” “eye lash serum,” “eyelash grower,” and “lash serum,” and for similar keywords have almost doubled up or can say many folds in the last couple of years. 

This trend indicates that people are interested in lash serum and related products. And that is because they have heard something engaging about it. 

Another reason that favors lash serum is that it grows the lashes from roots, strengthens them, and makes lashes look voluminous with long hairs.

People are looking for the best way to grow eyelashes as an alternative to eyelash extensions, but before you go with any eyelash serum, let’s know what eyelash serums are and how it works!

Eyelash serums are topical lash treatments that help you grow eyelashes from zero. It also nourishes, strengthens, and conditions them for a voluminous appearance. 

These lash serums help you improve the health of your brows and lashes (hair), minimize breakage due to nutritional deficiencies, and give them a thicker and shiny look. 

These lashes are formulated in such as way with the right ingredients that helps lashes to grow through roots and break less. 

Some common yet widely used ingredients are; Vitamin E, A, D, B12, and B7, Caster Oil, Coconut Oil, Peptides, Amino Acids, etc.

Among all these, Peptides play a crucial role as they activate keratin production, which further promotes the synthesis of thicker and healthier lashes. Additionally, it also helps protect hair follicles and therefore prevents hair fallout.

Reality Check- Is your eyelash safe?

Best Eyelash Serum and Eyelash Grower?

Most of the time, eyelashes are safe to try! Though this question has been debated by many people because, although all eyelashes are well ophthalmologically tested, (yet) some people show or may show some sort of allergies due to their skin sensitivity, medical condition, pre-medication, etc.

Since the eyelid area is susceptible and delicate and the skin around the eye is thinner than the entire face or anywhere on the body (as it doesn’t contain as much fat as the rest of the body (skin))- therefore, this skin is easy to permeable, which may easily trigger irritation or allergies.

More concerning is that eyelash serum could get into the eye, causing eye irritation and other side effects. And for that same reason, choosing a suitable lash serum becomes more critical.

Experts like MD- Beauty & Wellness (Buy Beauty Products Online | Best Selling Cosmetics in the USA - MD®) suggest consulting with your doctor or professional support system before using any such eyelash serum or lotion.

But if your lash serum is made of natural ingredients, you can expect it to be safe for your lashes. For example, MD Lash Factor® eyelash conditioners are made from nature-inspired, gentle, non-irritating ingredients that suit all skin types. 


In addition to this, their MD Lash Factor® eyelash serum is Ophthalmologically tested, and it is safe for sensitive eyes, even for contact lens wearers.

Take Away

You can find many eyelash serums claiming to be the best eyelash serum or the best amazon eyelash growth serum- but not all of them will help you grow your lashes or fulfill your purpose of safe eyelash serum!

Some are just for cosmetic purposes and work as lash boosters for a couple of hours. So if that is your purpose, you can go with them. But if you need a safe lash serum or “safe lash growth serum,” - go with the eyelash serum that offers safety through its formulation and well-tested lab results.

With MD Lash Factor- Eyelash Serum, you can experience fuller-looking lashes even without visiting the salon every month!

The active ingredients that MD Lash Factor has are Biotin, Panthenol, Thiotaine, and Growth Peptide Complex. We have already talked about Peptide Complex and Biotin, that fosters a natural growth cycle to help lashes reach their maximum (possible) fullness, density, and thickness. 

While Panthenol is a vitamin that helps moisturize and nourish your lashes. 

Last but not least, Thiotaine is a mushroom-derived antioxidant. It protects lashes from harsh environmental factors while (also) protecting against premature aging. 

Visit their website to learn more, or feel free to call them!

Their eyelash growth serum is perfect for restoring lashes damaged caused by lash curlers, eyelash glue, or extensions over the long. After all, it is your eyes, and you deserve to know- “Is Your Eyelash Serum Safe?

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