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Top 5 Tips If You’re “Losing” Your Eyebrows

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If you love your brows and their shape but, unfortunately, you are losing your eyebrows because of any reason, then do not go without reading this blog!

We all know that eyebrows are a critical part of facial features. They affect your look and help you create a stunning facial first impression.

To adjust or shape your eyebrows, you can certainly use some quality cosmetics, or brow serum, also known as eyebrows serum, for better results and improved appearance.

But if you want thicker and fuller eyebrows, here are some pro tips to help combat eyebrow hair loss. So, let’s read about the Top 5 Tips If You’re “Losing” Your Eyebrows!

Tip #1 Gentle Massage with Aloe Vera


Eyelash serum

In their 40s, women and men experience hair loss and (hair) thinning due to decreased or unbalanced levels of respective (gender-based) hormones. 

To help you fight this hair-thinning problem, one of the best available natural treatments for hair is Aloe Vera! 

Simply smash the Aloe Vera leaves and gently massage them over your eyebrows. Let it soak in, and then wash it. Such gentle massage over a while helps eyebrow skin heal and increases hair growth caused due to aging.

Additionally, if you want to try an eyebrow hair grower

or eyebrow serum for growth, look for aloe content in it for better results.

Tip #2 Caster Oil

Another cause for hair loss or brow hair loss could be an autoimmune condition called alopecia areata, in which hair growth is delayed or even stop to grow in some cases. 

To regrow your eyebrow hair, you can try caster oil. It has a unique chemical composition that promotes hair growth. 

Apply a few drops of this oil on each eyebrow, gently massage for a couple of minutes, and wash them. You can also keep the oil if you want. But make sure to clean it after some time.

Follow the same practice for a few days, and you will notice the change.

Please note if caster oil causes you any irritation or itchiness- stop its use with immediate effect. Similarly, if your lash and brow serum has caster oil, ensure it suits your skin first and only use it. Else, use another lash and brow serum that fits your eyebrow skin.

Tip #3- Nutrition 

Nutrient deficiencies can also affect your hair growth and even cause hair loss. For example, vitamins B7, C, A, and D are responsible for solid and voluminous hairs and their growth. 

Vitamin B7 has Biotin, Vitamin C helps in collagen development, and Iron, B12, Zinc, and Omega-3 Fatty Acids are essential nutrients for healthy hair. 

To help you with this, the Coconut oil and lemon peel mixture works well. This mixture can regrow eyebrows and even boost the hair growth cycle positively. 

To use it, dab the mixture using a cleaned cotton orb over your eyebrows right before you sleep. This simple step can work magic for you. 

Tip #4- Onion Oil/ Juice

Another reason that affects hair growth is stress and anxiety. These two factors can affect your physiological state and thus can alter your hormone level along with the amount of oxygen your hair follicles receive. Resulting (contribution to) thin hair!

As a proven remedy, you can try Onion which is well known for faster and denser eyebrow hair regrowth. 

You can try Onion juice/ liquid or simply grind an Onion and rub its juice over the eyebrows. Keep the same liquid/ juice for a few hours and then wash for maximum benefit.


Tip #5- Raw Milk

In addition to the above reasons, pregnancy and childbirth affect a woman’s body’s biochemistry and hormonal balance. And indeed, this can lead to poor hair growth or thinner brows for a period.

You can try milk and milk products as they are super rich in protein and essential nutrients we talked about previously for healthy hair and growth. 

Milk (and Milk products) provide nourishment that allows faster regrowth of hair roots. All you need to do is rub milk over your eyebrow with the help of a cotton ball once or twice a day. Try it before you sleep and wash it in the morning for better results. 


The Final Words

The list does not end here. If none of those mentioned above tips work for you, simply connect with experts. They can help you and suggest the right eyebrow hair grower or eyebrow serum for growth based on your skin condition. 

For example, you can consult MD- Beauty & Wellness (Buy Beauty Products Online | Best Selling Cosmetics in the USA - MD®as they are experts in this domain and known very well for their affordable and super practical solutions. 

They also know how to help you with widespread queries such as “how long does it take eyebrows to grow back, long eyebrow hairs, how long does it take for eyebrows to grow, how fast do eyebrows grow back, how grow eyebrows faster,” or even difficulties related to “fast-growing eyebrows.” 

So, what are you waiting for?- Call them now!

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