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6 Secret for Great Fall Hair

6 Secret for Great Fall Hair

With frequent coloring and hair treatments, hair can damaged making it difficult to brush and look healthy. Here are some easy tips you can follow to help.

  • Avoid nylon, plastic brush

Although very popular, plastic brush can causes static electricity that can make hair harder to manage. Use instead brushes made from natural wood. It can help massage scalp, improve circulation and help brush away flakes.

  • Stop excessive shampoo

Many people like to shampoo every day. Try to shampoo less frequently once fall start to prevent excess drying and weaken hair shaft. Do not use excessive force washing and drying. Use shampoo that is sodium laurel sulfate free to avoid stripping hair of their natural protective layer.

  • Do not use shampoo that is too alkaline

Strong shampoo are used in summer to rid excess oil and skin buildup. However with fall
approaching, consider using one that is less basic to avoid excessive drying of hair. Look for one with natural botanical extracts and essential oils to sooth scalp and add natural moisturize and nourish scalp.

  • Minimize perm, color and blow dry

Give your hair break from harsh chemical and heat. If you must blow dry, keep blow-dryer at least a foot away from hair and use low heat.

  • Massage your scalp

Spread your fingers and gently massage your scalp from from to back 20-40 times per day. This will not only help with scalp circulation, it is also the acupressure points to lower excess
cortisol to help you lower stressful effects on hair.

  • Use hair mask

Leave MD Revitalizing Conditioner on hair. Cover with shower cap for 15 minutes then rinse off. Do this weekly to add luster, shine and manageability.

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