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How do you Take Care of Your Lashes?

Best Eye Lash Serum

If you are makeup obsessed, here is something to help you care for lashes. Because many people don't know how to care for their lashes the best way so that they grow longer, thicker, and darker. 

Therefore, let's focus on "How do you Take Care of Your Lashes?"

Do We Need False Lashes?

There is a clear difference between lash extensions and false lashes. False lashes refer to disposable lashes. They are glued on lashes using (lash) glue. Hence, they last for a couple of hours. 

Also, false lashes are usually made of mink fur (if not synthetically made), which people sometimes do not prefer as it comes from animals rather than nature or mother earth. Plus, such lashes are only partially recyclable, hence increasing waste! 

Since lash glue is primarily chemical based, it may be allergic to some people. In addition, any harsh or harmful chemical-based lash glue can easily be absorbed into the skin, affecting your eyes and vision.

But it doesn't mean giving up false lashes and settling with your natural, thin, or patchy ones. Absolutely not!

Instead, you can try to grow your lashes naturally with the help of expert-recommended serums such as MD Lash Factor Eyelash Conditioner. Further details are in this blog.

Offer Nutrition to Your Lashes!

Offering nutrition to your lashes through serum, oil, or lotion can be super beneficial. 

Specific vitamins support healthy lash growth. For example, vitamin B (B7, B12), C, A, and E helps grow natural lashes longer, darker, and thicker. However, E is essential among all vitamins due to its antioxidant properties.

Apart from these, drinking green tea offers a list of health benefits. Sipping natural and organic green tea promotes hair growth on the scalp and lashes. Green tea contains EGCG, a growth compound that promotes lash hair growth.

It's easy to apply green tea. Use a cotton ball or swab and rub gently on lashes once a day. Ensure the green tea is cold enough before its application.

In addition to green tea, vitamins, iron, zinc, and other nutrients that support healthy skin, hair, and nails, they also help maintain lashes in their best possible shape, size, and color. 

However, before you consume any health or nutrition, consult an expert. It saves you from consuming unwanted supplements and worsening the situation.

Choose the Right Mascara


best eyelash growth serum

Professionals from the makeup & beauty domain always advise choosing the right mascara that suits your eyelids, eyes, and skin.

This is because many mascaras in the market contain chemicals that may dry out your lashes. And that further causes lash breakage. Therefore, try to prefer mascaras that have natural and non-alcohol-based ingredients to avoid lash dry-out. 

Now, if you are a lash serum user, remember to only use it if you know how to carry mascara with serum. Though you can have mascara with liner and eyeshadow.

Also, do not rub your eye excessively, as it can lead to lashes falling out. Experts also highly recommend removing makeup gently, carefully, and with organic makeup remover.

Eyelash Massage and Brushing

Regarding lash care, eyelid (eyelash) massage plays a critical role. It improves blood circulation, relaxes the tiny muscles in the upper and lower lids, and thereby helps improve lash health. 

You can massage your lash regularly, but ensure not to rub your lashes vigorously. Because such a hard massage may only result in lash loss. 

Apart from massage, try to brush your lashes as well. It helps lashes remain tangle-free, straight, and dust and dirt-free. And suppose you massage your lashes with natural or any essential lash care oil; in that case, brushing can help you distribute natural oils evenly over the lashes. This keeps lashes strong, nourished, and soft. 

Again, like lash massage, do a gentle brushing of your lashes. Do it for 15-20 seconds once or twice daily, and you are good to go! Additionally, gentle brushing is an excellent choice for lash extension users as it makes them last longer. 

Ensure your lash brush is soft and made of natural or nature-inspired material. Do not rush while brushing else you end up losing your lash hair. 

Use Lash Serum 


Best Eye Lash Serum


An all-natural lash serum can work fantastic when it comes to lash care. Indeed we put this point at last, but it is one of the most effective tips you can follow even from day one of your lash care routine.

Starts with investing in a natural lash care serum or eyelash serum that helps you grow natural lashes and supports sustainable lash care practice.

The Best Eye Lash Serum thing is that you can apply it even with eyelash extensions- all you need to learn is the correct order of their application. Also, with the regular use of lash serum, you can gradually stop using lash extensions because you'll naturally have long and thick lashes. 

However, if you love mascara, you can carry that with lash serum. We have already written informative content about the same. You can learn more from there.

Things that can damage your lashes!

Here are some common mistakes that can cause lash damage. Hence try to avoid them.

Sleeping with Makeup On!

Sleeping with your makeup on will only add something to your beauty once you have applied something to your face to nurture your skin overnight. Instead, it may cause lashes to fall out, damage them, or even cause redness and irritation. Therefore, REMOVE your makeup before you go to bed!

We understand that no one feels like washing their makeup or face after a long day. But it is super-necessary, particularly when carrying waterproof makeup products like mascara. This is because mascara works by making lashes stiff. Hence, they can easily break.

Experts suggest having makeup wipes or remover by your bed or on a nightstand to help you remove makeup for lazy nights or when washing your face is not an option.

Never Use Expired Makeup or Beauty Products!

Before you purchase any beauty product, ensure it has enough time to expire. This is because using an expired beauty product can cost you more than you are thinking to save by using the same old, expired product. That's why saying no to expired products is always a safe decision.

Do you know your old mascara can harbor enough bacteria that may cause lash loss, damage, and infections in your eyelids? Hence, keeping that old mascara away from your makeup line is always better.

Experts advise replacing mascara or eyeliner every three-four months. This helps you keep your eyes and eyelids protected from any unwanted infections.

In addition to this, if your eyes are constantly itchy or watery after using mascara or eyeliner, consider swapping them. And if the problem remains, speak to a doctor (ophthalmologist) about such allergies and infections before it's late.

Exposure to Heat!

Indeed, frequent exposure to heat is not appropriate for your lashes. Because it can dry out your lashes, eyelids and make your lashes (hair) feel like hay in no time!

Do not use heated or hot eyelash curlers frequently or a blow dryer to warm them because heat can harm your natural lashes. 

Intense heat can break down lash hairs and weaken their roots and foundations.

Let's conclude!

Makeup is a beautiful thing. It helps you look the best you can imagine. However, there are a few precautions we need to take care to not hurt or harm our natural beautiful eyes, eyelids, brows, and skin. Therefore, experts such as MD- Beauty & Wellness (Buy Beauty Products Online | Best Selling Cosmetics in the USA - MD®) suggest adopting sustainable beauty practices and safe products.

Any negligence in choosing the wrong lash care product or eyelash care practice can cause you damage in the long run. 

For example, MD® Lash Factor eyelash conditioner from MD- Beauty & Wellness is a great lash serum made from nature-inspired ingredients. Ingredients in this serum are gentle, non-irritating, and suitable for all skin types.

Additionally, MD® Lash Factor eyelash conditioner is ophthalmologists tested. Therefore, it is safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

So, what are you waiting for?- It is time to experience fuller-looking long lashes with MD- Beauty & Wellness lash care products.

Restore your lashes damaged from lash glue, eyelash curlers, or extensions over time with lash serum, and say goodbye to the salon for expensive lash extension treatments!

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