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Here is the The Secret To Long, Curled Eyelashes!

Eye lash curler - MD

Curled eyelashes look beautiful. It makes your eyes look gorgeous and adds stars to your overall makeup! 

To keep your lashes curled, lifted, and exquisite all day- all you need to do is to apply makeup in specific ways and take care of your lashes for perfect-looking eyes! To help you with this, let's talk about The Secret To Long, Curled Eyelashes!

First, you should learn how to curl your eyelashes to perfectly match your makeup and eyes, so they remain like this long. Here is some information.

Tip #1- Gentle Use of Curler on Your Lashes!

This seems obvious to many, but sometimes people do not follow it. For example, the mistake of pressing the curler hard on lashes can lead to problems like eyelash hair damage, hair break, and even sometimes pain in eyelashes.

For a perfect curl, all you need to do is place the eyelash curler over the base of the top lashes and gently press it down. 

For better results, hold it closed for a few seconds. Then, repeat the same process a couple of times for beautifully curled lashes.

Tip #2- Move the Curler

While gently pressing the curler, you can move it forward slowly. It will help you achieve even more dramatic curls. 

However, remember to avoid moving the curler fast or with pressure. Otherwise, you might hurt your eyelashes!

While moving forward, remember to give the curler pulses so that your lashes curl perfectly. It helps you avoid the breakage of hair

Tip #3- Try with Mascara

If you are satisfied with your curly lashes (after the curls), lock them in their perfect shape with mascara. 

Mascara also gives thickness to lashes for a perfect and dramatic look, along with locking the curls. And to remove any clumps, simply use an eyelash comb.

Tips #4- Clean the Curler

After every use, ensure to clean your curler. 

Wipe the curler's rubber pads with any bacterial or alcohol-based cleaning agent. It will help you prevent bacterial colonization on rubber pads and eyelashes from being infected.

Bonus Tip- Choose the Right Eyelash Curler!

Choose the curler size that perfectly fits your curl's shape and length. There are different styles and forms of curler available for various eye shapes. 

The curler that fits your eye shape can give you the most effective and desired results.

Now that you have curled the eyelashes, it is time to keep them curled for a long time to give you a gorgeous look all day! 

But how?

Well, we do have some suggestions as well.

Suggestion #1- Use Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara performs better when it comes to regular mascara. It is more durable and last longer. Also, as discussed above, use mascara once the lashes are curled. Your eyelash should be the final part of your eye makeup process. Even in some cases, start the curling process once you have applied eyeshadow and eyeliner.

Suggestion #2- Warm up your Curler

Another secret to long and curled eyelashes is; the use of a hot eyelash curler. You can heat your curler for the perfect curl and better results. 

But how to do that without burning or damaging your eyelash?

You can dip your mechanical (eyelash) curler in a cup of lukewarm water. Before applying it to the eyelash, wipe the extra water attached to the curler and use it.

Another way to heat the eyelash curler is to give the eyelash curler a blow of hot air through the hair dryer. Ensure not to heat it much- otherwise, you might burn your lashes.

The heat increases the effectiveness of eyelash curling. And that's why many people follow this practice, but with utmost care.

Before applying a hot eyelash curler, test it with your hand to ensure it is safe and you have not added too much heat. Please note to use a heated curler before you apply mascara.

Bonus Suggestion- 

Try eyelash extensions or falsies if you want more celebrity or dramatic eyelash makeup. Just ensure to curl your natural lashes close to the base of the lash line.

But if you want to Develop Long and Voluminous Eyelashes, use any standard eyelash serum or eyelash growth serum.

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Their lash growth serums and eyelash booster are safe and easy to use because they are well-tested and contain ingredients that support & stimulate natural eyelash hair growth. 

So, if you are looking for things like the best eyelash growth serum, the best eyelash booster, the best eyelash booster serum, or the best eyelash conditioner in your local market or on Google, just connect with them for the best possible solution for your eyelashes.

Let's Conclude!

Curly lashes make a woman looks stunning and fabulous. And who doesn't want that? Hence, try the above tips to curl your lashes for a balanced and beautiful look.

Furthermore, if you want to learn more about growing natural eyelashes, connect with MD-beauty & Wellness today.

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