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Tips to help you save thin eyebrows!

Thin Eyebrows - MD

There was a time when people were in love with their thin eyebrows. In fact, it was the pinnacle of their makeup in and after the 90s. And this trend still lasts in the heart of many!

Thin eyebrows are still loved by ladies for their stunning and gorgeous look. But if you losing brow hair to maintain that thin eyebrow look or noticing lighter brows than before- this blog can help you save and retain your gorgeous thin eyebrows for ages. 

So, without delay, let's read more about some tips to help you save thin eyebrows and bring back those solid, lush brows that will frame your face with a new level of drama! 

It can be discouraging and upsetting for anyone to see their scattered, less complete, and patchy eyebrows. But if you see closely, certain specific reasons cause sparser-than-usual brows. If taken care of with time and the help of experts, you can get your full brows back. Here are some of the potential reasons;

Reason #1- Age

One of the prime reasons for losing your eyebrow hair is; age! Yes! We grow older every single day, and so does our body. As we age, lower nutritional intake, poor diet, and lower estrogen levels can affect our hair growth and health. Thus, leading to patchy and thinner eyebrows.

Reason #2- Modern LifeStyle

Stress is the flip side of the modern lifestyle. It can be due to work, projects, time management, etc. But how can stress affect your brows? Well, stress can trigger telogen effluvium- in which your hair starts to fall post-stress duration. 

The good thing is that your hair starts to grow again after some time, but until you have fully grown brows, you may feel patchy eyebrows or less hair for a period.

Reason #3- Overplucking

In your free time or while grooming, you might love to pluck your eyebrows. But before you do that or overpluck your eyebrows, you must understand that these are the slowest-growing hair on the human body. And, if you keep overplucking them- you might stop their growth or even accelerate their thinning. Hence, simply avoid this practice!

Reason #4- Hypothyroidism

Another side effect stress can cause is; Hypothyroidism. A condition in which your thyroid malfunctions and doesn't produce the hormones it produces under normal conditions. 

When it happens- your hair growth affects the most, along with other changes in the body. This is because your thyroid produces hormones that affect your hair growth and its cycle.

Thin Eyebrows Solution - MD

In addition to these reasons, there are many others that we will discuss some other day. For now, let's talk about some of the Tips to help you save thin eyebrows!

Tip #1- Makeup

For instant results or if you are getting late for the party- just have the right makeup and products for quick thicker eyebrows. For example, any eyebrow serum or the best eyebrow growth serum suggested by experts can work best for you as an eyebrow hair grower.

While offering makeup to your lovely eyes- use gentle strokes to fill in your brows, starting next to the nose. 

You can use a pencil that matches your eyebrow colors for better results.


Tip #2- Nutrition for Brows!

 Yes, you heard it rightly! For thicker, voluminous, and healthier eyebrow hair, you need to nurture them with the required nutrition. Apart from the makeup, you must also support your eyebrow health with proper nutrition. So let's talk about those nutrients.

Vitamin D has been associated with hair health. Due to any of the reasons stated above, such as stress or telogen effluvium, you might suffer hair loss. And in such cases, Vitamin D helps you recover and regain thicker hair. 

Apart from Vitamin D, Vitamin A is also vital for healthy hair. Hence try to include Vitamin A in your diet to help you get rid of patchy brows. Plus, do not miss the Vitamin C. It adds value, too, when it comes to hair growth.

In addition to these, Iron, and Zinc could also help you combat eyebrow thinness. 

Last but not least, vitamin B7, Biotin is a nutrient shown to be effective as remedies in people suffering from hair thinning problems. So you can get an eyebrow serum for growth with B7 in it.

Tip #3- Suggestions from Experts

If you can not find the exact solution for your thin eyebrows or have queries like how long does it take eyebrows to grow back, how fast do eyebrows grow back, or how fast do eyebrows grow, simply connect with experts such as MD- Beauty & Wellness (Buy Beauty Products Online | Best Selling Cosmetics in the USA - MD®) as they are experts in this domain and would be happy to help you.

You can also connect with them for dry eyebrows, patchy brows problems, or solutions to queries such as eyebrows and lashes near me!

The Conclusion

Experts suggest that besides eating a healthy diet, don't tweeze or pluck your brows, as it might accelerate the thinning process as you age.

Follow nutritional habits for self and eyebrows, stress less, and consult experts whenever needed.

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