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The Top 3 Eyelash Curler Mistakes That Might Be Causing Thinning Lashes

apply lashes with eyelash curler

Curled eyelashes look fantastic and make your face appear pretty! And to curl your lashes, all you need is an eyelash curler.

An eyelash curler can transform your eye makeup game by beautifying your lashes completely through curls just in a few seconds! It is a stunning beauty tool many use to get a picture-perfect lash curl. Since it is easy to use, care for, and hold, you can get the perfect lash curls in no time.

But, if you are new to an eyelash curler or need to learn how to use it, you may commit serious mistakes, which can cause thin lashes

That's why we bought this topic to help you find "The Top 3 Eyelash Curler Mistakes That Might Be Causing Thinning Lashes!" 

So, let's get started!

Mistake #1- Do not Curl Lashes After Mascara!


brow and lashes

Definitely not! You should not curl your lashes once you have applied mascara! Because mascara stiffs your lashes. And putting pressure on them to curl can break or even peel your lashes. Resulting in thin lashes or poor lash density.

Using curler post mascara can also mess up your under-eye concealer or winged liner.

Instead, make it your makeup habit to curl your lashes first and (then) finish your eye makeup with the rest. It will also help you avoid unnecessary gunk or makeup residue on lashes.


Miskte #2- Impropoper Pumping to Curler

We have previously discussed the importance of adequately pumping the curler to avoid lash breakage. You should preferably pump the eyelash curler five to eight times on the lashes. And that's it.

Also, hold it for a few seconds and only briefly.

When it comes to the right place to pump your lash curler, start with the base, moving it along the tip to finish this process. Repeat this flow five to eight times, and now you've beautiful, eye-catchy curly lashes!

Ensuring proper pumping techniques to curl your lashes will bring out a gentle curve and enviable lashes without any breakage.

Mistake #3 Ineffective Use of Eyelash Curler


We all know what eyelash curlers are, but if we miss their effective utilization, here is our next mistake than can lead to thin lashes!

Using a hot eyelash curler is a genius hack that can keep your lashes curled for a long. Here, hot (eyelash curler) means applying heat to your eyelash through your hair drier or dipping your lash curler in warm water for a few seconds. Once it is hot enough- just use it as discussed above. 

To ensure the correct temperature of your curler, put your hot lash curler on your hand's skin; if the heat feels okay, not too hot, and does not give any burning sensation- you have correctly heated your lash curler! And if not, leave it for a minute or two to cool down and then apply it.

Note: If you are new to it- please have some professionals by your side or ask them to curl your lashes with a hot eyelash curler for SAFE use. The safe distance to heat your lash curler is 8-10 inches from your hair dryer. 


Since you are here, we have got something for you!

Tip #1- Do not use a lash curler with too much pressure because clamping your lashes too hard will bring unrealistic bends rather than natural-looking curly lashes.

It can also even break them. In addition, pressing down may completely peel off your lashes from their roots, which can further thin them! Instead, gently squeeze your curler, and you are good to go!

Tip #2- People must learn that their beauty tools and products require adequate cleaning. 

Whether it is your makeup brush or beauty tools such as eyelash curler- it also needs regular cleaning. It helps decolonize bacteria, remove dust and dirt accumulating on the pads, and minimize the chances of infecting your lovely eyes through these modes. And when your eyes get infected, it can lead to lash fall or thin lashes in long. 

You must wipe the grime, dust, or dirt off the eyelash curler with rubbing alcohol or eyelash cleaning solution with cotton every week. That's it!

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You can also share your other queries related to brow and lash, such as "How to apply lash serum to avoid thin eyelashes" or "Do eyelash curlers damage your eyelashes" and get the most satisfactory response. After all, they have expertise in this domain.


So, here we talked about The Top 3 Eyelash Curler Mistakes That Might Be Causing Thinning Lashes! - because eyelash curler is a fantastic eye makeup tool that can give your wow curls when appropriately used.

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