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Expert Style Advice for Thinning Hair

Expert Style Advice for Thinning Hair
Do you get a sinking feeling when you look in the mirror because your hair is flat, limp and boring? Not to worry! You truly cancreate a unique, magazine beautiful, fashion-forward look by choosing the right cut, color, and products. Below are a few awesome tips to help you get started!

CHOOSE A CUT THAT ADDS VOLUME: Generally speaking, shorter cuts are the most flattering for thinning hair. The trick for adding fullness is to instruct your hairstylist to create interior layers, placed throughout your cut, not just on the ends.

Create a fuller look with a cut that features longer bangs in the front and short, angled layers throughout the crown. Plus you’ll appreciate this super cute, trendy look is also totally low maintenance!

Or, if you absolutely must have longer hair, opt for shoulder length. Soft, textured waves and a center part is trending this year. It’s a current style that really makes the most of thinning locks.

PRECISION HIGHLIGHTS: Well-placed highlights camouflage limp hair with a trompe l’oeil (a French term that simply means ‘fooling the eye’). Try a color that’s two shades lighter than your normal color at the front, and a deeper color near the roots. Another benefit you’ll notice is the dye expands the hair shaft slightly which makes your hair appear thicker.

A word of caution: Over-bleaching or significantly lightening your hair color all over can cause damage or breakage, so make sure you invest in a salon with an expert color technician to create the desired effect.

FLIP YOUR PART: Hair lies flat against the scalp when brushed repeatedly in the same direction; so every now and then, switch your part. This simple change will cause your hair to stand up, and look fuller.

STAY COOL: To minimize breakage, air-dry your hair whenever possible. If you must use a dryer or other heated tools, keep them set on the lowest heat level. Simply put, styling with heat can damage the hair shaft.

CLEAN AND CONDITION: To make thinning hair look as full as possible, start with deep cleaning and conditioning. Choose products that are formulated to remove oil build-up yet are very gentle. Go for the MD Super Beauty Bundle. This customer-favorite selection includes:

MD Revitalizing Shampoo: The rich, dense foam of this shampoo gently removes any build-up while it replenishes, hydrates, and thoroughly cleanses the scalp and hair.

MD Revitalizing Conditioner: This deep conditioner thoroughly hydrates and softens the hair, leaving it smooth and glossy without weighing it down.

MD Scalp Essentials: This extraordinary serum decongests the scalp, and removes follicle-clogging sebum and residue leaving the scalp feeling fresh even after the first use.

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