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How to Grow Long Thicker Fuller Lashes

Lash Growth

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Why Are Good Lashes So Important?

Your lashes are the keys to frame and draw attention to your eyes. Now there are so many options with the best eyelash serum for growth, mascara, primers, curls, tints,extensions and hair transplant.  Most are temporary cumbersome eyelash conditioners that do not look natural and require expensive maintenance.  Now you have a simple way to have your very own REAL lashes with MD Lash Factor eyelash conditioner. Add it nightly to your beauty regimen and watch your lash transformation in a matter of weeks. Our eyelash conditioner is formulated to offer the beauty your eye requires!

Eyelash Growth Serum: Good Eyelashes Widen & Brighten Your Eyes

In addition to protecting our eyes from debris, dust and irritants, eyelashes are key to make our eyes look wider, more defined and beautiful.  Long, well-defined thick eyelashes can open your eyes and give you a bright, revived look, which will completely transform the look of your face. This could be possible with the best eyelash serum for growth! There are many best serums for eyebrow growth available in MD you can choose depending on your problem.


Many are frustrated with short wimpy lashes due to aging or just simply from genetics.  If you are tired from expensive extensions, running mascaras or eyelash growth oils that are irritating or do not work, it is time to use MD’s best lash serums for growth!


What Makes MD Lash Serum So Special?

MD Lash Factor is the only lash conditioning serum to have published a medical study on safety and efficacy in a peer reviewed international scientific journal.  The best eyelash serum for growth ensures restoration of the damaged eyelashes within a period.


MD eyelash conditioner & best eyelash serum for growth are formed using key  ingredients:-


Peptides support a natural lash growth cycle to prevent breakage and reach optimal thickness, & length. The availability of peptide in the best lash serums for growth makes it more efficient.


Panthenol (vitamin B-5) helps strengthen eyelashes, retain moisture, and improves texture. So, the product containing this element would be the best serum for eyebrow growth!


Biotin is necessary for healthy keratin, which supports lashes and contributes to the development of thicker hair. Eyelash MD professional products contain biotin as an active ingredient.


Our eyelash growth oil & antioxidants to counter environmental stress and pollution


MD Lash Factor: Your Partner for Gorgeous Lashes

When you choose the MD Lash Factor, you are choosing a partner! Eyelash MD professional  Serum works for your eyelashes and brows to support their natural eyelash growth cycle so you can have longer, fuller and denser looking lashes.  Clinically tested best lash serums for growth to ensure safety and works for sensitive eyes. Our best lash serums for growth are perfect for men and women who are serious about eyelash growth serum and conditioner. 


Be cautious when using eyelash growth oil for cosmetic purposes. Your eyebrows and eyelashes don't require much maintenance to be healthy as long as we don't overdo it with plucking and makeup. If you ever suffer any issues with irritation or hair loss, choose natural eyelash growth serum of MD and get unexpected.


The best eyelash serum is one that is easy to use, safe and supports your natural lash growth cycle so you can achieve gorgeous healthy longer and fuller looking lashes.  With this in mind, MD Lash Factor® eyelash serum was created in 2008 and help millions of lash aficionados around the world to have lashes achieve their fullest potential. MD® Lash Conditioner eyelash conditioner supports healthy looking full lashes so they extend outward toward your brows to brighten your eyes.

To apply eyelash growth serum, you must first clean your face to remove oil and makeup. Using our precision applicator, apply serum to base of your top lash line eyelashes in one thin layer from the inner to the outer corner of your eyes.

Here are few easy tips to get the most of your MD Lash Factor® eyelash conditioner:

a. Before applying, remove contact lenses and gently wash around the eyes with mild cleanser.
b. Once a day at bed time, apply a small thin line of MD Lash Factor® along the BASE of the UPPER eye line. Use as if you are applying eyeliner.
c. Use a smooth stroke and make sure you cover the entire area.
d. In order to achieve maximum results, you must be consistent with MD Lash Factor® and apply every night, do not skip.
e. You may feel a slight tingle or sensation where product is applied the first week, this is normal.
f. Do not rinse or wipe your eye once MD Lash Factor® has been applied
g. Wait until the product is completely absorbed before applying lotion or eye cream.
h. When using on lower lashes, apply UNDERNEATH the lashes as oppose to along to rim to avoid getting product into eyes.
i. When applying on eyebrows, make sure product is applied to root of the follicles and not on the hair.

MD Lash Factor® is dedicated to creating safe and effective and formulation through clinical research. Our double-blind randomized trial study has been reviewed and published in peer reviewed scientific journals. Tested by a board certified ophthalmologist, MD Lash Factor® was demonstrated to be safe for sensitive eyes, contact lens wearers and has no effect on visual acuity, cornea, eyelid, conjunctiva, tear duct and intra-ocular pressure.


MD Lash Factor® eyelash serum has published data for safety and does not include isopropyl cloprestenate or bimataprost. Be cautious of other
lash conditioners
that continue to use active ingredients isopropyl cloprostenate or bimataprost despite past warnings
or recalls from US FDA

For optimal results you need only apply a very small amount to your upper lash line once per day.

As a precaution, we recommend that you do not use any products that has not been tested on pregnant or lactating woman. We recommend not using any products other than vitamin C serum and physical sunblock during pregnancy or breast feeding.

Yes! It is safe to use MD Lash Factor® on your brows.  For your eyebrows, apply serum on spot that needs improvement. Great for over plucked and sparse brows! Note that brows will take longer to see result so be patient. No need to apply separately to lower lashes because application to upper lashes will transfer sufficient serum to support the lower lashes when our eyes are closed.

Once you have your desired look, you can go ahead and use the lash serum 3 times per week to maintain the length and fullness.

Results appear in about a month. Be patient and apply nightly.

Yes. Depending on the growth phase of your lashes, you may see results faster if your lashes are in the active growth phase. If your lashes are short or in in resting phase, it will take few weeks longer.

There are three phases to the eye lash life growth cycle. Upper lashes generally have 90-150 eyelashes and lower lid has 70-80 eyelashes. 

Anagen:  The active phase. 40% of the upper lash are active at any one time. This phase lasts 30-45 days.

Catagen: The transition phase. When the eyelash stops being active and the follicle shrinks. This lasts 2-3 weeks.

Telogen: The resting phase. Can last over 100 days before eyelashes fall out at the end of this phase.

If your lashes are in the resting phase, it can take longer (2-4 months) for the lash follicles to become active. As part of the natural life cycle of lash, it may even fall out initially as lash leave the resting phase before entering the active phase.

No, once you stop using the serum, new eyelashes will return to original appearance.

Of course. Just remember to apply MD Lash Factor® serum right after you clean your face and eye cream.

Yes, MD Lash Factor® has been tested by ophthalmologist for safety.

Yes. Ophthalmologist conducted study demonstrates that MD Lash Factor® is safe for contact lenses wearers and for sensitive eyes.

Yes. Just apply MD Lash Factor® eyelash serum in the space between the base of your lashes and the extensions.

Yes, our lash serum is unisex.

If you are not completely satisfied within 90 days for MD Lash Factor® eyelash conditioner purchase from www.md-factor.com, we will refund your purchase minus shipping and handling after receiving return of unused product. Please send your order number and email here.

We do not recommend using MD Lash Factor® if you are allergic to an ingredient, currently using eye medication, have active eye infection, recent eye surgery within 6 months, breast feeding or pregnant.

As with any cosmetic preparation, there are some individuals that may be allergic to one or more components of the product.  If you know or suspect that you might be allergic to any of the ingredients used in MD Lash Factor®, we recommend that you do not use the product. Some users have reported a mild irritation at the base of their upper lashes while initially using the products. If this occurs, you can either temporarily with-hold using the product for few days and then continue use, or stop using the product if severe irritation occurs.  Most of our users report no or minimal irritation after few weeks of use.


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